New Bmw Commercial Song

A New BMW Commercial Song Helps Promote the Car’s Unique Features

A new BMW commercial uses a song to advertise the car’s unique features. The song is not only clever, it also helps the brand’s name stick in your head. In fact, the company is offering a $4500 credit to customers who purchase select models by July 31st. If you’re looking to make a big change, a BMW might be just what you’re after.

A BMW ad with a song is just one of the many ways the German automaker is promoting their new electric vehicles. They have a new iX electric SUV that is set to hit dealerships across the country next month, and a flurry of new ads. One ad uses Coldplay’s “Higher Power” to showcase the new vehicle’s eco-friendly technology. It’s also a good example of how the company is embracing its environmental commitment, and is attempting to show off its cars’ many benefits to consumers.

The “Higher Power” is a global campaign song that was created to coincide with the debut of the new electric BMW models. As part of this ad, the song is played in the background as a Greek god named Zeus struggles to use modern appliances to power the home. And he’s not the only character on the show.

Another ad uses the same song to promote BMW’s latest technological advances. This ad is for the iX3, which is an all-electric SUV that boasts a range of up to 50 miles. Among other things, it includes a touchscreen, an Intelligent Personal Assistant, and Gesture Control.

While the BMW iX may not be for everyone, the ad does a good job of highlighting its unique qualities. The vehicle is the first all-electric vehicle to be manufactured by the company. Also, it’s the first car to feature a curved touchscreen display. Those who are in the market for a new ride will want to check out the iX, or any of the other models in BMW’s new electric lineup.

Similarly, the BMW X7 ad shows a couple driving through a tunnel. On the road, they come upon a sign that reads, “The future is here.” However, the ad’s real purpose is to promote the iX, which offers some impressive tech.

For the record, the BMW iX is not a car for Gramps. Rather, it’s an exciting way to experience the city and its environs. Whether you’re taking a spin in the city, or exploring a canyon, you’ll be impressed by the car’s many features. So whether you’re looking to buy a new car or just test drive a luxury SUV, you’ll be sure to enjoy the ride!

The ad is the company’s first since the 2015 Super Bowl ad that featured Bryant Gumbel and James Brown. The company’s new ad was crafted by Goodby Silverstein & Partners, and features a cleverly designed video. Moreover, it’s the company’s first ad to make a big splash, and its first with a song. You’ll be seeing this ad on TV and on the web in the coming weeks.

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