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A Look at Troy Landry’s Net Worth

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Family background

Despite his humble beginnings in a family of moss peddlers and shrimpers, Troy Landry has made his mark as a celebrity on the reality television show Swamp People. He is also a successful businessman who owns his own alligator hunting company and a seafood trading company.

Landry and his wife, Bernita, have been married since September 1981. They have three children together. Their eldest son is named Brandon and the youngest is named Jacob.

The family has been in the fishing business for five generations. Bernita is also a school teacher and works as a publicist for the History Channel. She graduated from Petterson High School in 1976. They have a small business in the Pierre Part, Louisiana area, which includes a service station, a marina, and a cypress store.

Alligator hunting business

Known as the King of the Swamp, Troy Landry is an alligator hunter and a reality TV star. He’s the fifth generation to own an alligator hunting business. He is also known for his work on History Channel’s Swamp People. His sons have also appeared on the show.

Troy Landry grew up in a family of shrimpers and lumberjacks, as well as trappers and moss peddlers. He married his wife, Bernita, in 1981. They live in a luxurious home built of cypress. Bernita works as a publicist for the History Channel. Their youngest son, Chase, works for the crawfish business.

Troy Landry’s net worth is estimated at $2 million. He earns money from his alligator hunting business, his crawfish business, his seafood restaurant, and from the television show Swamp People. He also has a gas station.

Angry Swamp game

Known as the “King of the Swamp” on his television show Swamp People, Troy Landry is a celebrity alligator hunter from Louisiana. He is a fifth-generation hunter, and has been active for over thirty years.

Throughout his career, Troy Landry has also turned his hobby into a lucrative business. In addition to gator hunting, he also runs a crawfish business, and works as a wholesaler.

According to various sources, Troy Landry has a net worth of around $3 million. His main source of income is gator hunting, but he also earns from merchandise associated with the show.

Troy Landry’s wife, Bernita Landry, is a school teacher. They live in a wooden house on a hillside with their three children.

Troy Landry has appeared on Swamp People, and his sons are also involved in the show. Troy’s youngest son, Chase, is an active alligator hunter. In addition to his role on Swamp People, he owns a seafood business and a gas station in Virginia. He also runs his own restaurant, Chasin’ Tails.

Gas stations

Despite having an impressive net worth of around $2 million, Troy Landry is still a third-generation fisherman and hunter. His family has a thriving business in the fishing industry, including a fish and seafood restaurant and a gas station. Using his hard work and dedication, Troy Landry has amassed a fortune.

Aside from being a famous fisherman and alligator hunter, Troy Landry is also a television personality. He is a regular on the show Swamp People on the History Channel. Troy’s parents, Duffy and Myrtle Landry, make occasional appearances on the show. They also own a gas station and a convenience store.

In addition to his television show, Troy Landry is involved in several businesses. He owns a fish and seafood restaurant, a gas station and a convenience store. His family is also involved in the gator hunting business. He uses his celebrity status to gain product endorsements. He has also earned a fortune from his appearances on the show Swamp People.


Besides being the host of the Swamp People television show, Troy Landry also has his own alligator hunting business and a seafood house. These two have been around for years and are operated by the Landry family.

Landry’s Seafood Restaurant, Inc. is a Houston-based company that has been around for more than six decades. In fact, it’s the second largest seafood dining chain after Red Lobster. Its menu has been artfully crafted using fresh ingredients.

The Swamp People show has been on the air for over five years and it has been entertaining viewers with alligator hunting adventures and crawfish recipes. In the meantime, Troy and his wife Bernita are teachers. They also own several gas stations and a couple of restaurants.

The Swamp People show has a long list of awards to its credit. One of the perks of the gig is the ability to have a house on the water.

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