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New Orleans (TV Series)

NCIS: New Orleans is a drama about Special Agent Dwayne Pride, a former Navy sailor who is driven by his belief that he is doing the right thing. He also has a romantic interest, Australian ADFIS Investigator Naomi Parsons.

The NCIS New Orleans team is in the midst of an investigation into a vehicular homicide involving radioactive nuclear waste. When the perpetrator covers the tracks, the team struggles to get evidence. They suspect the perpetrator is connected to the recent explosion of the city’s power plant. It seems like there is a drug connection too.

Pride’s daughter, Laurel, is a music major at Louisiana State University. She is also a good friend of her father’s. While working at the university, she has become a victim of a bomb attack.

In season four, Pride has assembled a clandestine team to help him on his missions. Some of the team members are tech people who have been able to infiltrate Barlow’s stand-alone computer system. Other members are Coroner Loretta Wade, former FBI agent Sonja Percy and former ATF agent Sebastian Lund.

NCIS: New Orleans is set in the Big Easy, a city known for its decadence. This location is also home to Mardi Gras, a famous celebration. But Pride and his team have to stay focused on their cases when the team’s own members are under scrutiny.

Douglas Hamilton, a political leader in the city of New Orleans, is in prison for his part in a cold homicide case. When the ex-mayor calls NCIS for help, his team races to find his partner, who is also in prison. However, when Sebastian takes over a case involving an old classmate accused of murdering his business partner, it turns out the case is very deadly.

Eric Barlow, an American official in Washington, D.C., is a dangerous adversary. As the Associate Attorney General, Barlow is self-serving and arrogant. His ambitions include taking over the governorship of Louisiana. Despite his flaws, Barlow has great plans for the city.

Dwayne Pride’s wife, Linda, also appears in a few episodes of Season 1. Her role in the series finale is to save her husband from a terrorist.

Another character who appears in a few episodes is Patton Plame, a paraplegic former employee of United States Cyber Command. Originally employed by the agency, she is nicknamed “Triple P.”

Other cast members in this episode include Lou Diamond Phillips as Deputy Chief Gossett, Mark Gessner as journalist Oliver Crane and Riann Steele as retired green beret Sydney Halliday. Several other cast members are guest stars.

Pride’s daughter, Laurel, was injured during a bomb attack. According to a news report, the explosive was meant to kill Pride. On the other hand, his girlfriend Rita Devereaux, an Assistant District Attorney, says she has “talent” and warns Pride to be vigilant. Ultimately, Pride is forced to remove Parsons from the case.

NCIS: New Orleans Season 4 is renewed for a fourth season on March 23, 2017. The new episodes will air back-to-back on Tuesdays.

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