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Nathan Bates and Esther Keyes Are Engaged!

If you’re a fan of UpTV and have been watching Nathan Bates’ slashing his head in various states of Arkansas, you may be surprised to learn that he and Esther Keyes are getting engaged. Not much is known about the couple other than they met less than a year ago. However, they have been keeping the details under wraps. It’s rumored that they are planning an upcoming wedding in October of 2021. Although a marriage is a major milestone, the couple seems content and happy.

According to the latest tweet from Nathan Bates, his fiancee Esther Keyes has an interesting claim to fame. The couple has been spotted together quite often, namely in the states of Arkansas and Tennessee. They have also been spotted flying in a plane together. This may be a sign that they are preparing for their big day.

Another fun fact about the engagement is that the couple will be getting married in a location that’s quite a bit different than the state of their birth. Their new home will be California. While they haven’t lived in the state in recent years, they have visited it as part of their road trip. As a result, they are likely to make it a point to spend at least some time in the Golden State.

For now, they are still figuring out exactly where they’re going to live and how they’re going to afford to do so. There’s no telling if this will be a short term or long term plan. In any case, fans can expect to see more of their favorite Bates in the near future.

For the most part, it’s safe to say that the wedding is the main event for the Bates. Whether or not the rumors about the two of them will turn out to be true remains to be seen. Until then, it will be a matter of anticipation and hope. Of course, they could just keep it a secret until after the series premieres. Or they could go ahead and announce it to the world. Regardless of their decision, fans will be thrilled with the news. Hopefully, the two will be able to share their exciting news with all of their friends and family.

Despite all of the speculation and rumors, it’s safe to say that Nathan Bates and Esther Keyes are indeed getting married in October of 2021. With that, we have one more reason to watch the forthcoming UPTV series Bringing Up Bates.

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