Nate Married At First Sight 2022

Married at First Sight 2022 – Stacia and Nate Stay Together

As soon as the show concludes, couples are left figuring out their future together. That could mean moving in together or apart; some have even managed to keep their marriage alive even after the cameras stop rolling – like Stacia and Nate who remain together despite its conclusion! They appear quite content.

Stacia and Nate found great chemistry during their season of Married at First Sight; however, there were also difficulties. Their timeline for starting a family differed, leading them down divergent paths as to how best to approach their relationship – Stacia desired speedy results while Nate preferred taking things slowly while building solid foundations for future endeavors.

Though they agreed to part amicably at the end of season one, it’s evident that they still faced difficulties within their marriage. Arguments over how best to communicate were commonplace; while during “Where Are They Now?” special Stacia claimed Nate wasn’t investing enough into their relationship and being fully transparent with her about his differences.

Experts were pleased that Stacia and Nate made the choice to remain married despite difficulties, with Stacia promising that she and Nate would work on improving communication while remaining close after divorce proceedings are completed. The pair has also decided that friendship will prevail between them going forward.

They haven’t filed for divorce just yet, but tensions are clearly running high between them. Stacia recently posted an Instagram story where she accused Nate of cheating with two other women and called him out as being “serial liar.” Nate did respond via video apology that was posted.

While it remains uncertain if they will reconcile in the near future, it appears that the couple are no longer living together and no longer married, according to Stacia’s social media profiles and posts from Stacia herself. Additionally, neither have posted in recent weeks on their respective Instagram accounts which suggests it’s unlikely they are back together.

Stacia has previously commented about how Nate wasn’t the greatest father, while also criticizing his in-laws – including Nate himself, whom he has accused of taking money from their church to give to a relative with gray hair who stole money and called a liar; when he discovered that his daughter and Stacia’s sister still discussed him on social media it surprised him greatly.

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