Naima B Roberts Husband

Naima B Roberts Husband

When award-winning author and magazine editor naima b roberts husband died, the entire axis of her world changed. She was suddenly a widow, a single mother and a reluctant CEO of her late husband’s company. But through her faith in Allah’s plan for her and her decision to choose gratitude over despair, she was able to rise from the tragedy and show up differently: more present, more confident, more powerful, more grateful than ever before.

She is also the founder and editor of SISTERS Magazine, the first UK-based international Muslim women’s magazine. She and her contributors have pioneered the use of social media to address taboo topics such as child abuse, miscarriage, domestic violence, depression and self-esteem issues among Muslim women. She has supported many organisations, such as Mercy Mission UK, Solace, Nour DV and The Muslim Youth Helpline; as well as writing articles on Islam and Muslim related issues for mainstream publications, including The Times Online, The Times newspaper and The Observer.

Na’ima has authored a range of diverse and multicultural children’s books and young adult novels, most of which have cross-over appeal and can be read by non-Muslims. Her book, The Swirling Hijab, won the Booktrust programme’s Children’s Book of the Year and her latest YA novel She Wore Red Trainers is the best-selling Kindle e-book in its category.

Robert’s other major accomplishments include writing the best-selling autobiography in the UK, From My Sisters’ Lips and founding the UK-based international Muslim women’s magazine SISTERS. She has travelled the world as a keynote speaker, coach and motivator, touching and influencing thousands of people along the way. She is also a full-time observer of the niqab (Islamic face veil) and a vocal advocate for women’s right to choose to fully cover.

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