My Trip Back To The Dark Side Nikki Benz

My Trip Back to the Dark Side by Nikki Benz

In this article I will discuss my trip back to the dark side of a very popular book, My Trip Back to the Dark Side by Nikki Benz. After a dramatic turn of events, Shawn Stone must face his past and face the future. I hope you enjoy my account. Continue reading to learn more. Listed below are some of my favorite quotes from the book.

Nikki Benz dances in a metallic bikini that is too tight. She pulls the top open to show her large breasts. As she collects tips from the audience, a man watches her and then turns his attention away from her. Heather Gardner, who is also dancing topless, is on the opposite stage. Nikki Benz tries her best to attract a man to her, but a man keeps staring at her.

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