My Queen She Next To Me

My Queen She Next to Me Album Review

About the Album

My queen she next to me is the latest release from country superstar Shania Twain. The country singer released her sixth studio album last Friday, and it’s one that is a departure from her usual style.

The new record doesn’t concern itself with the empire that made her a star in the first place, instead it’s an empowering statement about embracing your own success and not being a victim of other people’s misfortune. While the majority of songs on the record have a traditional country sound that’s infused with a touch of modern pop production, Twain did manage to throw in a few more sonic hybrids. This is what gives her new LP a slightly more contemporary feel than her last album, Now, which was a very good homage to the country-pop genres she’s most famous for.

The title track opens the album with strummed acoustic guitars and drums that are accented by Brian May’s distinctive riffs. The song’s simple chord progression and tempo create a hypnotic effect that is reminiscent of Queen. When the song progresses to the verses May’s vocals start to build with hints of desperation and resignation. As the song continues to move along a bevy of different sounds are added including police sirens, heavy breathing and a wall of droning guitar. Eventually the song ends with a guitar solo.

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