My Husband Is Missing 2016

My Husband is Missing (2016) Review

My Husband is Missing is one of the many awe inspiring films to grace the small screen in the past decade. Featuring a solid albeit flawed cast, it is a worthwhile investment for your entertainment dollar. This awe inspiring series is one of the best rated of its ilk. Aside from its impressive array of stars, it also happens to be one of the most laid back and family friendly. The cast and crew are so relaxed and affable that you might find yourself in their company for the night. The show is a worthy place to call home. Its only drawback is the lack of quality booze and a plethora of sexy babes. You might want to consider a pre- or post-show boogie, if only for the oh-so-serene nip and tuck. And as far as TV shows go, this is a rare breed. Having said that, this show has an equal number of high brow slackers and slackers. If you’re in the market for a sexy TV show, you might just want to consider My Husband is Missing.

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