Mustang Rc Drift Car

Top 5 Mustang RC Drift Cars

If you’re considering purchasing a mustang RC drift car, there are several things to consider before you make your purchase. The main chassis is made of reinforced plastic and features a tunnel for the drivetrain molded in the middle. This is an important upgrade from the typical plastic tub chassis cars you can find today. The main chassis also comes with pre-mounted tires, which is a nice touch.

Mostop RS4 Sport 3

The Mostop RS4 Sport 3 is a fully prepainted Ford Mustang RTR-X muscle car with authentic detailing and decals. The body is also fully trimmed and includes a functional racing wing. The RS4 Sport 3 also includes a set of HPI bodies and tires that give the drift car a concours-quality look.

Tamiya TT-02D

If you’ve been dreaming of a car that you can drive at high speeds, you might want to try the Tamiya TT-02D drift car kit. This kit is an entry-level 4WD drift car that features an independent suspension system. It’s also adjustable and comes with a lot of different options. This is an excellent value drift car kit for beginners.

Traxxas RMX 2.0

The Traxxas RMX 2.0 Mustang is a realistic 1/10 scale replica of the iconic American muscle car. Featuring a detailed scale body, AWD handling and drift tires, this car is ideal for practicing sideways slides and other tricks. Its large tires and adjustable steering give drivers the chance to control the car at the most extreme angles.


The MST RMX 2.0 Mustang RCR is an affordable, ready-to-run rear-wheel drive drift car. It comes equipped with all the necessary electronics and speed control power for a great drifting experience. This model features a brushless motor and two-speed transmission with multiple speeds and a wide range of power settings. The MST RMX 2.0 Mustang RRC includes a variety of upgrade kits that give it even more potential.

YD-2 vs YD-2 vs Apple RC

The YD-2 RC drift car is a good all-round drift car with good balance. It is suited to different types of drivers and surfaces, and it can handle sharp turns and fast acceleration. It has a high-powered motor and double-wishbone independent front suspension. It is also available in a premium model – the YD-2RX.

Traxxas RS4 Sport 3

If you love drifting, you will love the Traxxas RS4 Sport 3 Ford Mustang RC drift car. This model is highly detailed and fully built, with a realistic steering wheel-style 2.4GHz radio system. It has a sealed drivetrain, which protects from rocks and debris.

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