Monsters Inc Halloween Costumes Couple

Monsters Inc Halloween Costumes For Couples

Are you searching for ideas for your next Halloween party or just want to show your partner how much you care, there are plenty of couples costumes to choose from. From low-key makeup looks to iconic character duos, there’s a Halloween costume perfect for every type of couple out there.

Are you searching for a couple’s costume that’s sure to turn heads at your Halloween party? Look no further than these Monsters Inc costumes! These characters are easily recognizable, making it simple to recreate their classic costume for the whole family.

Sulley and Boo aren’t exactly the most frightening Halloween monsters, so they make for a great couples costume for younger kids or adults who want something a bit more daring this season. For Boo’s costume, you’ll need a pink nightshirt with pigtails while Sulley’s ensemble includes an eye-catching bright blue fur coat sure to turn heads this season.

Timmy Turner and Trixie Tang make for an adorable couple, making their costume easy to pull off. All that is required for Timmy is a pink t-shirt and baseball cap; for Trixie, opt for a violet turtleneck with headband.

Mario and Princess Peach may not be quite as spooky as Sulley and Boo, but this cute couple costume still works great for older children or adults. Plus, their oversized hats add an extra touch to complete the look!

Uncle Fester and Cousin Itt from “The Addams Family” are another iconic couple costume that will surely turn heads at any Halloween party! You can dress up as either or both characters to impress all your guests and turn heads wherever you go!

Jamie and Claire from Outlander make for an adorably romantic couple’s costume. This couple is so obviously in love that it will surely motivate any partygoer looking to take their love to new heights this Halloween.

Disney’s The Princess and the Frog is an incredibly popular movie, making for a delightful couple’s costume. No matter which version of this costume you opt for, Tiana’s yellow dress or Prince Naveen’s plain clothes are sure to please any crowd!

If you’re in search of a timeless Disney pairing, Beauty and her Beast is an unbeatable choice. Their timeless romance is as captivating as the movie’s story, and you can easily transform yourself into them with either a princess mask and outfit or classic tailcoat.

Barbie and Ken make for a timeless pair, but you can also mix things up for more athletic or date night looks with this duo. There are various types of Barbies to choose from – you might even stumble across an exclusive doll that’s not sold elsewhere!

Inflatable costumes are always a fun Halloween idea, and “Monsters Inc” has some perfect ones for couples as well as solo wear. There are inflatables suitable for both adults and kids so you can easily create an adorable couples costume in no time!

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