Mom And Daughter Pool

Mom and Daughter Pool Safety Tips

Mom and daughter pool time is an enjoyable way to bond, but you must understand pool safety rules prior to diving in. Mary the pool safety mom recalls seeing pre-schoolers taking beginner swim lessons nodding their heads and affirming they would jump in if needed to save someone in distress.

Children are fast and curious creatures, making it easy for them to wander away from the pool deck if you don’t keep an eye on them constantly. But by setting clear expectations and providing them with structured pool time routines you can set them up for success at this aquatic endeavor.

Make it clear that swimming at your pool is not open season, and that bullying or aggressive behavior won’t be tolerated; this will help avoid confrontations that could escalate to full-on fights. Also make it clear that children won’t use water wings or other inflatable toys in the deep end as these cannot replace an adult in the water and could lead to drowning accidents.

When entering a pool that requires keys, all family members should receive one. This will ensure you’re the only ones still present when it’s time to leave and ensure children don’t wander off towards deeper parts of the pool where there could be danger lurking.

Allowing your children to eat lunch or snacks near a pool should be avoided as this could result in bloating and diarrhea; moreover, if they have food allergies this could even become life threatening – leading to something known as anaphylaxis.

If your child has food allergies, consider investing in a waterproof snack bag to protect their lunch from sun, bugs, and other elements. They’re easily available online as well as at stores specializing in pool accessories.

Erica Baez of Bronx was recently charged with second-degree manslaughter in her daughter Katlyn’s drowning incident at a hotel pool. Baez, 41, left Katlyn alone while sipping cocktails from the hotel bar; Katlyn later died on May 1, following more than a year on life support.

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