Molly Schuyler Vs Joey Chestnut

Joey Chestnut Vs Molly Schuyler

The competitive eating world has two big names – Joey Chestnut and Molly Schuyler. Interestingly, they are both women. Although they haven’t unified as champions yet, they are both a part of the All Pro Eaters organization. And both have a ton of achievements to their credit.

Joey Chestnut is best known for his win in the Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest. He also has 44 Guinness World Records and has been the winner of more than one hundred events. But it wasn’t until recently that he really started to break through the ranks. His recent accomplishments include winning the prestigious Taco Bus Burrito Eating Championship and breaking a 15-year-old record at a restaurant in Portland.

One of the most impressive things about Joey Chestnut is his YouTube channel. Not only is it better quality than in years past, but it has grown in numbers. This allows him to easily share his eating exploits with a global audience. A quick Google search yields nearly 900,000 views for his videos, and his net worth is estimated to be at least $900,000.

Molly Schuyler is an up and coming competitor in the competitive eating arena. She’s got an eye-popping body. Her 125-pound frame makes her the perfect specimen to take on a 72-ounce steak in under ten minutes. That’s a feat that’s hard to pull off. Thankfully, she’s got a lot of support behind her.

In fact, she was able to break the all-time record in the Big Texan Steak Challenge. She managed to eat a full 72-ounce porterhouse steak, with two sides, in four minutes and 58 seconds. For comparison, it takes the average man about five minutes to eat a steak and a half. Considering she weighed a full 120 pounds, that’s a pretty hefty number.

Another impressive feat is her victory in the Taco Bus Burrito Eating Challenge. The contest was held in Tampa. She won a prize of $2,500 for her performance. At the time, she was one of only two female competitors on the competitive eating circuit. Other winners were Leah Walsh, who was the UK’s top female eater and a woman who holds multiple Guinness World Records.

However, the all-time record holder in the world of competitive eating is probably Takeru Kobayashi. He’s the reigning world champion and holds a handful of other records. Before his victory, he ate 241 wings in 12 minutes.

While the record for the most number of hot dogs in a ten-minute span is still disputed, it’s not far off. It’s hard to believe that she isn’t the queen of hot dog eating.

The competition was stiff, and the organizers had to settle on cameras recording the contest from every angle. However, they did the logical thing and set up a clutter-free table.

In the end, it’s hard to say which of these two stars is the most interesting. If you want to see the best of the best in the competitive eating world, it’s a good idea to check out her YouTube video.

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