Mister Car Wash Lubbock

Mister Car Wash Lubbock

Mister Car Wash Lubbock offers a variety of services to keep your vehicle looking its best. The car wash specializes in car detailing. Some of these services include the cleaning of your fuel system, removing rust from your water pump, and providing overheating and freezing protection. The company also offers gear box services, which include cleaning and removing metal shavings from your differential. The technicians will also clean and lubricate the transmission fluid and the internal components of your vehicle.

Mister Car Wash has over 70 reviews on Yelp, and most of them are positive. One reviewer gave the location five stars based on her overall experience with the staff. She appreciated the fast service and the staff’s ability to clean her vehicle. Another reviewer, Errol M., rated the service at Mister Car Wash as “excellent.”

The team at Mister Car Wash also lightly conditions vinyl and leather surfaces, and dusts and vacuums all interior surfaces. For cars with excessive stains, they may recommend a Clean and Condition package. Another option for vehicles that require a light cleaning is the Final Touch. The Final Touch package includes a light dusting and a general purpose cleaner.

Mister Car Wash Lubbock offers hand applied and premium waxes. Both hand applied and machine-applied waxes can make your car look brand new, and are included in their Full Serve #1 wash package. They even offer an executive detail package. This is a great option for a special event or for selling your car.

The Mister Car Wash Lubbock location offers both car wash and oil change services. The company has over 250 locations nationwide. In addition to providing cleaning and maintenance services for cars, it also offers oil change express and preventative maintenance. The company also offers flexible usage passes and monthly packages. The prices shown may not reflect the current prices at the location.

Mister Car Wash Lubbock also offers Platinum Seal, which provides a long-lasting shine and protection. This service uses the latest in technology to enhance the luster and shine of your car’s surface. Wheel Polish also gives your car an added shine and sparkle. These services can be added to your package to make it more attractive.

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