Miss Universe 2016 National Costume

Miss Universe 2016 National Costume Competition

The Miss Universe National Costume Competition is one of the most exciting parts of the pageant. This year’s event had 86 candidates representing a variety of countries. All of the designs were inspired by various aspects of their culture and arts. These included national flags, flora, fauna, and folklore.

Each country had its own style of dress for the competition. Some, like Thailand, had a gown made from thousands of crystals. Others, like Ecuador, had a bird costume. There was even a candidate wearing a giant feathered neon pink ensemble.

There was a lot of emphasis on the use of recycled materials for this year’s competition. In addition to the 84 evening gowns that were worn, there were a number of traditional costumes that were stylized versions of their original form. While many of these were made from fabric, others were made from leather, tin, and other items.

Miss Colombia 2020, Laura Olascuaga, wore a colorful costume that was inspired by the indigenous Wayuu women of Colombia. She also designed her costume as an allegory of the Carnival of Oruro, which is a UNESCO Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

The Philippines’ Maxine Medina veered away from the traditional terno in favor of a vinta boat-inspired design. Her emerald green evening gown was designed by Rhett Eala, who wanted her costume to stand out from the rest.

Other countries that had a distinctly different take on their traditional national costumes were Costa Rica, Thailand, Indonesia, and Japan. For all of them, the designers were able to take their nation’s history and culture and translate it into a striking outfit.

During the final week of the competition, the national costumes were revealed, and it was clear that many of the candidates had a lot of fun with their outfits. It was interesting to see how a country’s traditions and culture came to life. Among the most interesting designs were those that were based on the country’s national fauna. Several countries paid homage to their hummingbirds.

Several of the other national costumes were designed by local designers. The costume for Kenya was an example of this. The designer used the country’s different ethnic groups to create a costume that was inspired by the 1920s or 1930s.

A similar concept was done by the candidates from Indonesia. Kezia Warouw’s golden costume was inspired by the Garuda bird, which represents the sovereignty of Indonesia. She added red braided wigs to her look.

Similarly, Miss Cambodia, Shweta Sekhon, had a very different take on her national costume. She balanced a full dinner table as part of her outfit.

In fact, the whole Miss Universe 2016 national costume show is a bit of a potpourri. Many of the dresses are very simple and minimalist in design, but they still manage to stand out from the crowd. Fortunately, the competition will not have any effect on the final score.

Despite all of the controversy that was surrounding the preliminary round of the contest, it looks as if the Miss Universe national costume segment will be a lot of fun. The show is definitely a great showcase of the different designs from the different countries.

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