Mike Like Em Straight

Magic Mike (Movie Review)

Magic Mike initially appeared as a raunchy comedy about male strippers entertaining an eager crowd in Tampa. Since its premiere, however, the series has evolved into something much deeper: an intelligent and captivating narrative following Mike as he uses his charms and seductive moves to satisfy his hedonistic urges while working towards becoming a custom furniture maker.

This project’s most captivating element is Mike’s development as a man, and its title track does a wonderful job at conveying that. The tune is catchy yet complex at once. Additionally, it serves as an call to action for men to take control of their sexual lives instead of leaving our sexual exploits at the mercy of anyone looking for gainful opportunities.

Mike was one of the boys who helped Will, Lucas and Dustin defeat the Demogorgon. While Mike was disappointed by Eleven’s disappearance from their lives, he attempted to reach her from their blanket fort nightly. One day she sent a transmission asking how much money Mike had available for an arcade; she did not respond however and the transmission faded away shortly thereafter.

Mike eventually found Eleven again during spring break in Lenora Hills. She sent him letters and told him she was adapting well, yet eventually began needing assistance from Mike, Will, Jonathan, and Argyle in evading Lieutenant Colonel Sullivan and his forces.

The next day, Mike brought an unusual creature to school and showed it to Dustin, Lucas and Will. At first they thought it might be some type of pollywog; but when Mike shone a light on it it shrieked in distress! Dustin explained that it was allergic to heat and warned Mike against placing it near anything that might burn it.

Later, Mike took Eleven to the Snow Ball dance and asked her to be his date. Not telling Eleven’s parents was concerning for Mike; however, when she became upset at not hearing of their relationship sooner. Mike asked Eleven to be his girl and she accepted.

Overall, Mike Like Em Straight album is an impressive addition to Mike’s body of work. Not only does it contain many elements fans have come to expect from him but it also showcases how far he’s come as an artist over recent years – I can’t wait to see what else lies in store!

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