Melni Connectors Net Worth

How to Measure Melni Connectors Net Worth

Having a net worth is an important indicator of the value of a company. It shows how successful a company is and can help investors decide if it’s worth investing in. This article explores how to measure a company’s net worth and the factors that affect it.


Founders of Melni Connectors, a Twin Falls, Idaho based electrical connector company, are well known in the industry, but do they have a game plan? A cursory glance at their website indicates they’re aiming at the consumer and the industrial markets. Apparently, they’ve got a lot of money to burn. The company is currently sitting on a $585,000 purchase order and plans to break the $1 million mark in sales in the second quarter of the year.

The most important part of their plan is that they plan on using their success to fund a large scale expansion. They intend to add two million units to the line in the next five years. This, combined with the company’s existing distribution network, will likely enable them to sell their wares at a premium.

Shark Tank appearance

During Shark Tank season 6 episode 25 of the hit American reality television show, Mark Melni pitched a new electrical connector to investors. The device is designed to make quick, easy connections without soldering or crimping. The device also offers protection against lineman injuries in the field.

Melni started the company upon receiving a patent for his invention. Melni Connectors has grown quite a bit since his appearance on Shark Tank. It now has over 290 twitter followers, and has even gotten the attention of Popular Science. The company has a goal to reach two million users worldwide.

Melni Connectors had sold only about $600,000 in sales prior to his appearance on Shark Tank. However, since his appearance, sales have increased dramatically. Melni has also expanded his product line, which includes battery connectors and solar connectors.

Cost per connection

Inventor Mark Melni came up with a revolutionary electrical connector. His Melni Splice Connector is built around a patented spiral-insert technology. This allows for quick, secure connections between two large electrical cables. Melni’s product has seven patents.

Melni’s product can be installed in less than a minute. It is also able to be buried, making it a viable alternative to traditional compression connectors. In addition to the splice connector, Mark has several other connectors in development. He is also working on battery connectors, solar connectors, and modular connectors.

Currently, the Melni Crimpless Butt Splice Connector is being used for direct burial applications. This connector allows users to make low voltage splice connections without heat shrink tubing, saving time and money. It also reduces the risk of serious injury.

Product appeal for multiple market areas

During the Shark Tank episode 627, Melni Connectors, a renowned electrical connector manufacturer, was featured in the show. This company specializes in electrical connectors and is based in Idaho. Founded in 2007, Melni Connectors has grown rapidly since its appearance on the show. The company has made a total of 58 million in sales in the first year.

Melni Connectors’ products are time saving electrical connectors that eliminate the hassle of soldering and crimping wires. The company’s innovative products are designed to save up to 12 minutes of time on each connection. They have a unique look and are suitable for home improvement stores.

Originally inspired by a children’s toy, Melni connectors’ design was based on the Chinese Finger Trap. A simple tubular device, the Melni connector can be used for a wide variety of electrical applications.

Future plans

Inventor Mark Melni had a vision for a safer, faster and more efficient way to repair underground electric lines. He had been in the computer repair business for over twenty years when he hit upon the idea. The resulting connector was a big winner. It was six times faster than traditional methods. It also earned a coveted award for the electrical construction and maintenance magazine’s product of the year.

One of the more intriguing features of the connector is the dual spiral technology. It enables fast and easy connection and offers pull strength and durability that is unrivaled by its competitors. The technology is also perfect for underground uses. The electrically conductive spiral is housed in a watertight canister and resembles a Chinese finger trap.

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