Melissa Cookston Net Worth

Melissa Cookston Net Worth

When it comes to the celebrity chef list, Melissa Cookston is one of the most recognizable figures in the culinary world. This Southern Delta-born entrepreneur is well-known for her ability to prepare delicious barbeque dishes.

Her talent as a cook paved the way for her to become one of the best chefs in the country. She is also a skilled judge, which helped her earn her status as one of the most influential BBQ pitmasters in America. In fact, Fox News named her one of the most powerful and influential chefs in the world.

Before she became a famous chef, she was a food prep student at age 13. She began her career at 13, working for her family’s restaurant. She then started her own food preparation business, which branched out to other restaurants in other cities.

Melissa Cookston has been a popular figure on the social media as she shares her recipes and videos online. She has a YouTube channel with a large number of followers. She is also active on Instagram, which has a huge following of over 139K users. She has a Twitter account with over 9K followers.

Besides being a famous entrepreneur, Melissa Cookston is an author. She has written two cookbooks. She has also appeared on numerous television shows. As a result of her popularity, she has gained a net worth of over $8 million.

She is estimated to have a net worth of around $20 million by the year 2020. She has earned her wealth from her own restaurants and her work on television. She is also known as the first female barbecue champion in the world. Moreover, she is married to her husband, Pete Cookston, who is a fellow restaurant owner. The couple has a daughter, Lauren.

As a barbecue cook, she has won many competitions and has been crowned as a two-time Memphis in May World Barbecue champion. She has also served as a coach for the Yazoo Delta Q barbecue team. Currently, she is the owner of two restaurants, as well as a barbecue business. She has also been involved in breeding hybrid pigs.

Despite her fame, Melissa Cookston still keeps her profile low-key. She has never publicly spoken about her parents. Her father is Tommy E. Nichols Sr., and she has a cousin, Pam Vaughn. She is an avid fan of barbecue and has a passion for the cooking style. She has been named as one of the most influential BBQ pitmasters by Fox News. In addition, she has been featured on Netflix’s American Barbecue Showdown and Chapped.

Among her other accolades, she is the only female barbeque world champion. She has appeared on popular TV shows, such as Destination America’s BBQ Pitmasters. She has been recognized as one of the most knowledgeable judges in the industry. She is currently looking for a new location for her fourth restaurant. She is currently sponsored by Prairie Fresh.

She is also the co-owner of the Memphis BBQ Company, which has several locations in Georgia and North Carolina. She opened her first restaurant, STEAK by Melissa, in Southaven, Mississippi, in 2010. She has also opened another restaurant, Green Tomato Catering, in Horn Lake, Mississippi, and plans to open a fourth in Atlanta, Georgia.

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