Melinda Gates Says Bill Gatess Work With Abhorrent Jeffrey …

Melinda Gates Says Bill Gates Work With Abhorrent Jeffrey Epstein

Melinda gates on her husband Bill Gates’ relationship with disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein

In her first TV interview since her divorce, the Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist has spoken out about their husband Bill’s relationship with Epstein, according to The New York Times. Additionally, Gates said Epstein’s behavior led her to seek legal counsel last year.

Her husband, Bill Gates – founder of Microsoft and estimated worth of $6 billion – met with Epstein several times before his tragic suicide in August 2021. While Gates said he regretted their meeting deeply, it was one of many factors leading up to their divorce.

She reported that she had confronted her husband about his connections to the discredited financial adviser years prior, yet he chose to continue hanging out with him. Their divorce was finalized in August after 27 years of marriage and three children.

French Gates stated her intentions to remain active in philanthropy, though she will no longer be affiliated with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as a co-chair or trustee. According to The Wall Street Journal, she will still receive “personal resources” from Bill for her charitable endeavors.

The Gates Foundation is a renowned philanthropic organization with an endowment of more than $50 billion, which has been part of Buffett’s Giving Pledge since 2006. However, following French Gates’ divorce, she decided to step away from her commitments at the Gates Foundation, according to The Wall Street Journal.

After filing for divorce, French Gates informed the foundation of her intention to stop making donations to the Gates Foundation. She stated that she wanted to focus on other philanthropic endeavors and give most of her wealth away.

She plans to give more of her fortune away directly, and will no longer donate it to the Gates Foundation. Furthermore, she wants to contribute more funds to a philanthropic organization dedicated to gender equality.

On her recent trip to India, she was truly amazed by the country’s capacity for combatting major issues like polio and AIDS. Notably, she observed some remarkable vaccine factories and how India saved millions of lives during the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

Bill and Melinda Gates founded their Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with a mission of tackling global problems. Specifically, they sought to reduce infant deaths and diseases related to maternal health.

They also advocated for improved sanitation and vaccination programs. Their work is especially critical given the growing number of affluent individuals in emerging markets who are placing pressure on governments to enhance basic services like healthcare.

As an investor, Gates’ philanthropic work is instrumental in combatting global issues like poverty and inequality. He has a long record of donating large sums of money to organizations that advocate social justice and equality; in addition, he supports organizations fighting HIV/AIDS and cancer among other causes.

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