Maui Express Car Wash

Maui Express Car Wash

If you’re looking for a quick car wash in Kahului, Maui, you can turn to the Maui Express Car Wash. It is conveniently located at 16 Hobron Avenue, near the Maui Oil gas station. The car wash is a friendly, family-owned business that uses eco-friendly soaps and water.

This self-service car wash is the only one on Maui that accepts credit cards. It also offers 24/7 service. The service includes a self-serve stall, a water hose, and a soapy brush. The system is designed with automatic buttons, making it easy for customers to wash their own cars.

Maui Express Car Wash offers an express wash tunnel, full-service washing, and interior detailing. You can also sign up for an Unlimited Membership to save money. Unlimited Members can get up to 50% off every time they wash their car. Unlimited Memberships are available at various levels, so you can choose the one that fits your needs best.

Maui Express Car Wash is open Monday through Sunday. The team is experienced in cleaning cars and ensuring that they are spotless. They use eco-friendly chemicals and rinse them with 18 gallons of water per vehicle. The water used for the final rinse is purified using reverse osmosis technology.

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