Matt Triplett Net Worth

Matt Triplett Net Worth

While there is no definitive proof of Matt Triplett’s net worth, his PBR resume is the stuff of legend. The aforementioned flurry of accolades are the result of Triplett’s talent as a bull rider. He has been called the best in the business since the days of the big time, when the likes of Justin Giles, Clay Stewart and Dakota Louis ruled the roost. As such, there is a good chance that Triplett is among the richest of the rich. In fact, he is the most successful professional bull rider in the PBR era.

For starters, he is a bona fide rodeo buff, and his love of the sport is reflected in his impressive physique. As well as his impressive resume, Triplett is an all around jack of all trades, and the most important is his work as a manager of a team of professional athletes. While this may not be a career path many people would choose, it is a worthy investment, and he is clearly a high earner.

In terms of stats, Matt Triplett has been ranked as the 22nd best bull rider in the country, and is no doubt one of the better riders on the circuit. However, his most notable achievements are unmatched. In particular, he was the only professional rodeo athlete in the country to win the PBR’s largest trophy, the Velocity Tour, in a field that is littered with worthy competitors. He is also the first bull rider to ever win the grand finale of the World Cup Tour, and is a regular on the world’s most prestigious circuit. In fact, he is on the list of notables to watch in the near future, as he is the only finalists in the current PBR crop.

Despite his illustrious resume, Triplett has yet to reveal details about his personal life. In particular, we’ve not heard much about his love life, and it looks like he is still a bachelor. Nevertheless, his bio on the official PBR site lists a surprisingly high IQ, and a few interesting facts. For instance, he has a sister named Katie, but they have yet to meet in person. Hopefully, they will get to know each other better over time.

Obviously, a lot of credit must be given to the sponsor, Ariat, for providing the necessary platform for a career in the bull riding arena. This has been a boon to both Triplett and the company, and has paid off handsomely in the form of awards and promotions. For more information, see Triplett’s bio. In addition to this, he has an official Twitter account. He has been known to use this social media site to promote his upcoming event, the PBR Unleash The Beast tour, in Fort Worth, Texas. If you are in the area, you might want to mark this date on your calendar.

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