Matt Skiba Net Worth

Matt Skiba Net Worth – Musician

Currently, Matt Skiba has a net worth of $5 million. This figure is actually quite high for a musician who is only 30 years old. This makes him one of the richest musicians around.


During his early years in Chicago, Matt Skiba learned the drums and guitar. After attending Chicago College for several years, he decided to pursue his love for music. He formed a band in 1996, the Alkaline Trio. In 2000, he signed with Vagrant Records. This band was able to tour North America and Europe and record several full length albums.

Matt Skiba is a songwriter and guitarist who is most known for his work with the Alkaline Trio. He has also worked with other notable artists. In 2006, he was involved in a side project with F-Minus bassist Josiah Steinbrick. He also contributed to the Hubcap and Atari Star albums. He has participated in several other projects including Jerkwater, Blunt, and The Traitors. He also contributed to the Fat Wreck Chords compilation, 2005.

Early life

Founder and lead vocalist of the American punk rock group Alkaline Trio, guitarist Matt Skiba is a multi-instrumentalist who was born on February 24, 1976 in Chicago, Illinois. His father is an oral maxillofacial surgeon and his mother is an elementary school teacher. He has two sisters, three years younger than him.

He played drums and bass at an early age. He later switched to guitar. He became part of several punk rock bands, including Traitors, Blunt, Jerkwater, and Hot Water Music. During his early teenage years, he worked as a part-time bike messenger. He also participated in talent shows.

When he was about three years old, his family moved to McHenry, Illinois. He went to school there. Later, he dropped out of school to focus on his music career. He started playing guitar, drums, and piano, and joined several bands.

Blink 182 career

Until this year, Matt Skiba was part of the Blink-182 group. He also played with the Alkaline Trio and Hot Water Music. He started playing piano and drums at an early age. He later switched to guitar and recorded two albums with the band. He also performed live with the group for a short while.

Blink-182’s latest single, “Edging,” is available for download and streaming. The band has plans for a world tour starting in March 2023. The tour will include performances in North and South America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. It will end in February 2024. Blink-182 is currently preparing for its next album. It will feature songs written by Travis Barker, Mark Hoppus and John DeLonge.

When Matt Skiba joined Blink-182 in early 2015, it was after Tom DeLonge had left. He filled in for DeLonge on guitar. He re-joined the band after Mark Hoppus was diagnosed with cancer.

Personal life

During his career, Matt Skiba has been involved in numerous projects. He is currently the lead vocalist and guitarist for the band Alkaline Trio. He has also recorded with several other punk rock bands, including Blunt and The Traitors.

The Alkaline Trio has released nine full-length albums over the last two decades. Their most recent album, Good Mourning, was released in 2003. They have also toured North America and Europe. They signed with Vagrant Records in late 2000. They have also had several lineup changes.

Matt Skiba is also a member of Blink-182. He has toured with the band on and off since 1999, and is credited with writing several songs for their album California. He also cites Joey Ramone as a big musical influence. He has also contributed to several other albums, including the Hubcap and the Atari Star albums.

Solo album

Whether he’s playing drums, guitar or singing, Matt Skiba is a successful musician. His music incorporates punk rock, emo and pop punk. He has also been featured in a number of other projects.

Skiba’s career started when he was just three years old and his family moved to McHenry, Illinois. He began playing drums and piano at an early age. After he was a student at Columbia College in Chicago, he formed a band with Glenn Porter and Rob Doran.

After leaving Columbia College, he went on to play with several bands. He also studied design. In 1996, he switched from playing drums to playing guitar. He joined the band, Alkaline Trio, which was led by Rob Doran and Glenn Porter. They released their first single, Sundials. They released their second album, Good Mourning, in 2003. After releasing that album, the lineup was changed. They included former Smoking Popes drummer Mike Felumlee.

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