Matt Mauser Net Worth

Matt Mauser Net Worth

Matt Mauser is a singer-songwriter and front man for his party rock band Tijuana Dogs. He has been performing professionally since 1997, touring all over the world.

Matt began his music career at an early age, singing and dancing along to Elvis songs while watching his dad play guitar. This has fuelled Matt’s passion for performing for others and entertaining audiences.

He is an Orange County musician who has achieved success in the entertainment industry. He has performed at corporate parties, weddings and other special events with ease and skill. A talented and versatile performer, he’s always up for a new challenge.

Mauser is a man of fame, yet he remains humble and modest. He cherishes time spent with his family, especially his kids, and believes music to be the best form of self-expression.

Mauser as a father acknowledges his children as his biggest fans and enjoys being their role model. He strives to instill in them the value of hard work and determination, particularly in regards to their careers. Furthermore, Mauser encourages them to follow their passions and never give up.

Mauser is also a musician and teacher of Spanish. He currently resides with his wife Christina Mauser in a suburban home outside Los Angeles with their two dogs, Max and Olive.

Thomas and Penny got married in 1996, and soon after had three kids together: Thomas, Penny, and Ivy. Despite being very close, the couple remains deeply in love with one another. All three are passionate musicians who have performed for audiences all around the country.

Mauser earned honors as an all-American swimmer and water polo player during his college days, but he always knew that after graduation he wanted to start a band – that was his top priority.

He began playing the guitar while still in high school, and by his junior year had become quite proficient at it. From there, his focus shifted to creating and recording music.

Mauser had the unique experience of meeting Pete Jacobs, a renowned musician and producer, in 2005. They collaborated on charting and recording vocals together.

They created a Frank Sinatra tribute band and brought his classic sound to life onstage. Their collaboration led them to amass an enthusiastic fan base across America.

Mauser has performed at numerous venues, such as the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN. Additionally, he has appeared on multiple TV shows like America’s Got Talent.

Mauser’s performance of The Amazing RaceTM left the AGT judges in awe, and they immediately awarded him with a spot in the next round of competition. Unfortunately, Mauser was ultimately eliminated during Wild Card rounds.

Mauser has a natural tenor voice that sounds similar to Frank Sinatra’s. His singing style and voice have been described as “the perfect match” for Sinatra’s classic tunes.

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