Matt Hoover And Suzy Preston

Biggest Loser 2 – Matt Hoover and Suzy Preston – Larry King Live Exclusive

Matt Hoover and Suzy Preston, winners of The Biggest Loser 2 and real-life couple from reality competition series Big Brother UK, will make a guest appearance on daytime soap Passions to portray an idyllic romantic couple strolling through Harmony (where Passions takes place) as part of their acting debuts.

Larry King Live: Our couple met on our show and soon fell in love; now living together with their young son Rex in Seattle, they come back on to discuss how they lost so much weight while finding happiness together.

Suzy Preston and Matt, Season 2’s winner, are about to welcome their second child into this world and both have returned to the gym in order to shed pounds so their babies will remain healthy. Additionally, they share tips for staying healthy while working full-time jobs, balancing family lives and taking care of themselves at the same time.

Suzy and Matt both struggle with stress eating, but both have found a way to control it by making wiser decisions for themselves with support from family and friends.

Caroline announces when they enter the elimination room that they would be divided into duos (3 female/male and 1 male duos). Whoever loses less bodyweight will be eliminated; both men and women lose considerable amounts during each challenge but ultimately it comes down to one final challenge to determine the victor.

At the beginning of this challenge, players must climb and descend a gigantic flight of stairs 10 times; the first person who reaches the top wins. Each team then selects one member – girls choose Andrea while boys opt for Mark – from their team to participate. Both teams make it to the top but it ultimately comes down to voting; although Suzy and Matt appeared close they received three votes against two, sending them home.

The cast of The Biggest Loser will be visiting South Florida this week as part of their Million Pound Match-Up Tour, stopping by Dadeland Mall Feb 9-10th to meet fans and sign autographs. For more info about their visit click here NBC produces and Universal TV International distributes this show; to check local listings follow them on social media such as Facebook or Instagram, as well as their website where more details may be found – copyright 2022 NBC all Rights are Reserved

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