Matt Heafy Net Worth

Matt Heafy Net Worth

Matt Heafy is a famous Guitarist. Despite being a rockstar, he is a calm and a quiet guy. He mainly focuses on his social media account. He posts his music, upcoming tour dates, magazine covers and video clips. He has a large fan base. He has over 404,000 followers on Instagram. He also has over 2,800 subscribers on his official Twitch channel. He has earned a lot from his music career.

He has been a part of several musical projects, but is most well-known as the lead vocalist and guitar player of the American metal band, Trivium. He has performed with the band on several occasions. He started his music career at age twelve, when he joined the band as a guitarist. His father is a former member of the United States Marine Corps. He moved to Florida with his family when he was just a child. He attended Lake Brantley High School in Orlando. He graduated in 2004. He has a wife and two children. He is also a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner.

He was born on January 26, 1986 in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi, Japan. His mother is Japanese. His father is half Irish and German. His birth sign is Aquarius. He has dark hair and bruised eyes. He is about 85 kilograms (187 pounds). He stands at 1.9 meters tall. He is married to Ashley Howard. He and his wife are expecting twins in November. He has an estimated net worth of $5 million. He has been endorsed by various guitar lines, including Gibson. He has a signature model, the SnOfall. It features an Alpine White finish.

The net worth of Heafy has increased significantly over the years. He has signed endorsement deals with guitar lines and is an active supporter of Gibson. He has also been playing Epiphone Les Paul guitars on the Dream Theater tour. He has appeared in the film The Social Network. He is the youngest member of the Trivium Band. He is known for his vocal performances on tracks “Destination: Nowhere,” “Triangum I,” and “Evolution III.” He has also been a vocalist on the Metal Allegiance album. He is also a guitarist for DragonForce, the sixth studio album by the band. He is also a member of the band Capharnaum. He played on the Destruction track and provided additional guitars on Creation II and Evolution III.

He has been married since 2010. He and his wife have two daughters. He has a twitter account and a facebook page. He regularly streams on his official twitch channel. He also has over 216,000 followers on his YouTube account. He posts occasional updates to his fans. He is also very active on Instagram. He has a large fan base and his net worth is still rising. He is expected to have a net worth of $6 million by January 2021.

Heafy is a good-looking man. He is tall, 190 cm. He has long hair. He has black eyes. He is a big metal fan. He is a fan of Metallica.

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