Marvin Sease Net Worth

Marvin Sease Net Worth

Marvin Sease is a singer, songwriter and musician from the United States. He was born on February 16, 1946 in Blackville, South Carolina. His mother, Gertrude E. Sease, and father, Frederick Sease, both had blues backgrounds. He was a member of the choir at Trinity Lutheran Church in Rouzerville, South Carolina.

He started his career as a gospel singer. In 1966, he moved to New York City and joined the Five Gospel Crowns. He also began working the chitlin circuit. In 1986, he recorded his self-titled album. It contained the song “Ghetto Man”, which became a hit in the southern United States. During this period, Sease became a regular at the nightspot Casablanca in Brooklyn.

He also produced the album Double Crosser. He has written lyrics for multiple songs. He was also the composer and producer of the 1980s hit “Candy Licker”. In the last years, Sease has ascended to the top of the gospel ranks. In addition, he has produced a number of quality ballads. His most popular track, though, is the club hit “Candy Licker,” which has sold more than 25 million copies.

He has a daughter, Phyllis Rose (Jerry). They are survived by four grandchildren: Ashton Adams, Sean Rose, Vicki Adams and Alex Behrens. They will be buried in the Cadedonia Christian Church cemetery in Ehrhardt, Bamberg County, South Carolina. A Bronze Metal Grave Marker will be installed at the grave. He also has a stepdaughter.

Although he made a lot of money in his life, he is not a billionaire. His estimated net worth is a modest $1 million to $6 million. However, the musician is considered one of the biggest celebrity cashouts of all time. He is also ranked among the most streamed artists on Deezer in the last year.

He is also known for his bluesy voice and gospel-infused vocal style. His most successful songs include “Back Door Santa,” “Slip Away,” and “Candy Licker.” He had a prolific songwriter career, writing many other beautiful ballads, as well. He has also been a contributor to the BLS.

He has a wiki page, an official Twitter and Instagram account, and links to his Facebook. In addition, there are several YouTube videos, including a series of vlogs, where he shares his lifestyle. He has also been featured in a few compilations.

He has also appeared in Pretty in Pink. He has worked with many record labels. He has recorded over seven albums. He has collaborated with many artists, including Johnnie Taylor, Rita Ora, and BTS. He also labels his own label, Polygram Records. In addition to a large social media presence, he has long been one of the most famous YouTubers. He has also turned his smooth X-rated ladies’ man persona into a cottage industry.

He is also remembered for his erotic lyrics. The song “Candy Licker” was too explicit for radio airplay. As a result, it has become an underground success in the South. In 1987, Sease re-released his self-titled LP on Mercury Records.

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