Marv Home Alone Shirt

Marv Home Alone Shirt

Fans of Home Alone and its sequels will adore our marv home alone shirt! Featuring the iconic Oh-Kay Plumbing and Heating logo from Harry’s van as they search for vacant houses to rob, this shirt replicates exactly the same van seen in the original film. Show your support for Home Alone while getting some laughs from friends and family when you buy this tee today!

Harry Lyme and Marv Merchants (aka The Wet Bandits) are two burglars featured in both 1990 Christmas comedy classic Home Alone and its 1992 sequel Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. They serve as archenemies to Kevin McCallister, an eight-year-old left home alone for Christmas.

Their nickname, the “Wet Bandits,” derives from their habit of leaving water running in every house they raid. It became part of their identity and calling card.

Kevin’s uncle Frank hired them to rob homes, including Duncan’s Toy Chest – a successful toy store that Peter was jealous of. Additionally, they targeted an apartment where Kevin lived and attempted to kidnap his younger sister Vera as well.

Harry and Marv were sent to prison for their crimes, but were given a cellmate. Through letters and pictures sent between cells, the pair managed to stay in touch even while imprisoned separately. This enabled them to be reunited at the end of the film when released; additionally, this helped prevent Kevin’s retribution from Kevin.

In the original screenplay for Home Alone, Harry and Marv weren’t even their primary antagonists – instead being part of a secondary group of burglars that included a pizza delivery boy, man working at a local convenience store, and young Michael (later renamed Kevin). Eventually though, the focus shifted back on to the McCallisters as main villains of the story, leading to Harry and Marv being cast as its ultimate bad guys.

Daniel Stern was approached to play Marv, but declined due to a lack of chemistry with Joe Pesci. It would prove an infamous decision in the years following.

One year after the original movie, Harry and Marv managed to escape prison in Chicago during a riot and fled on a fish truck to New York City. Renaming themselves The Sticky Bandits, they began targeting new targets such as a toy store that planned on donating all its earnings to a children’s hospital.

Marv and Harry also decided to target a family who had recently moved into an overcrowded high rise building, as their apartment had been rented out for Christmas. Unfortunately, Marv and Harry failed to rob the apartment before realizing that their target would soon be leaving; therefore they had no choice but to move on to their next target.

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