Marlo Smith Weight Loss

Marlo Smith Weight Loss Secrets

Marlo Smith is the HSN (Home Shopping Network) bigwig with the most swag in a long time. Her signature sexless strut isn’t the only thing she’s got on the brain. She’s a fitness guru and loves to hang out with her pals. And with an astronomical salary to boot, she’s more than happy to indulge in the finer things in life.

Marlo isn’t a jack of all trades, but she does a mean stint at the office. Besides being a teleprompter she also has a savvy business mind and a knack for networking. You’ll find her at events like the Consumer Electronics Show, or CET, where she gets to mingle with the industry luminaries. Aside from her job, she also takes part in philanthropic endeavors, a.k.a., she’s a charitable buff. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll even get to meet her.

The best part of all of it is that she’s just the right age to make the most of her time off work. Not only does she have a plethora of friends to gild the bauble, she also has a husband to boot. Although her dating credentials are tainted, she’s still got a healthy ego and a healthy appetite for a night on the town. Unlike some of her peers, she’s not shy about a good ole’ fashioned sex test. So if you’re in the market for a new wife, consider yourself in good hands.

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