Mariah And Toya Fight

Married to Medicine – Mariah Huq and Toya Bush-Harris Fight

If you watch Married to Medicine on the Bravo network, you probably saw a fight between Mariah Huq and Toya Bush-Harris. They were fighting over a secret that Mariah had revealed to Toya. The two women started to argue, and their words turned into a physical battle. At one point, Toya touched Mariah’s hair and threw a drink at her.

Mariah and Toya argued loudly, pulling each other’s hair and screaming. It took a while for the fight to end. After that, the party attendees tried to break the fight up. There were even doctors available to repair any forehead gashes. However, the official punch count went to Toya.

During the fight, Mariah swore at Toya. She said that she could kill her. But she defended herself. Her mother, Lucy, told her she was being a hater. Eventually, she apologized. Afterwards, Mariah gave herself a pat on the back.

Several of the other cast members were present. Whether they were on the same side in the fight or not, they came to support Mariah. Buffie Purselle defended her, while Dr. Eugene Harris also stood up for her. Another person to defend Mariah is Quad Webb-Lunceford, who has been involved with the show since its premiere. Despite the fight, Quad promises to respect her and the party.

Mariah is a big personality. She’s a fan favorite on and off the show. She’s been on Married to Medicine since its beginning in 2013. While her personality is very outgoing, she’s been accused of racism and drug use. Although she denied any accusations of wrongdoing, she did take multiple drug tests to clear her name.

She says she was mistreated as a black woman. She also complains about other women’s lack of support. When she arrived at the party, she was more than two hours late. She did not have a contract for the next season.

She also complained about her mother’s lack of support. She yanked her hair and hit her with her purse. She claims that she’s not a racist, but she has a hard time dealing with people who don’t get along with her.

However, she does have friends, and she has a daughter. She’s married to doctor Aydin Huq. She’s also a big fan of the show, and her husband raised her daughter. Nonetheless, she’s still a bit angry about being thrown out of Kari and Duncan’s home.

Nevertheless, the fight with Toya was the biggest and worst in the history of the series. Although it didn’t lead to any firings from Bravo, it was a huge mess. Other characters were also in the fight. Even the infamous Mama Lucy, who usually focuses on Toya, got into the fray.

Ultimately, Mariah and Toya Bush-Harris were both physically and emotionally hurt by their confrontation. However, it didn’t lead to any serious legal trouble for either of them. In fact, some fans are confused about their relationship.

Overall, this was a very disappointing episode for Mariah. Hopefully, the next one will be more positive and she’ll be able to enjoy the party again.

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