Majestics Car Club

The Majestics Car Club

The Majestics car club is a traditional car club that is all about riding. They don’t have show cars, but they do like to cruise the streets and socialize with the other members. They also like to participate in events and activities, such as their annual toy drive, which raises money for a local charity.

History of the Majestics car club

The Majestics car club was formed in the Fall of 1962 by five local high school students. It meets every other Thursday night at 8:00 PM. Members of the club are known by their unique rear window plaques. The car club has been in existence ever since, and its members have a long history of car shows and events. In addition to holding regular meetings, the Majestics also sponsor several annual events, including picnics and softball games.

The club’s first chapter was in Compton, California, but later expanded to Los Angeles and Phoenix. The San Diego chapter started with Armando Franco as president. At first, it had only twelve members. In 1991, the San Diego chapter decided to start its own Majestics chapter, but by then, the Majestics had made a name for themselves in Southern and Central California and even in Arizona.

Characteristics of the club

The Majestics car club is known for its annual New Year’s Day picnic in Long Beach. The picnic is a huge attraction, attracting lowrider clubs from all over the country. It features a softball game and raffle prizes. Currently, the club has 25 members, and members are required to attend eight consecutive meetings to become a member.

The club started in San Diego in 1990. At the time, the San Diego chapter had min-trucks and Euros, but in 1993 they were banned by the Lowrider Council, so the club was forced to start a new chapter. The San Diego chapter has a membership of about twenty-five members and is affiliated with the other Majestics chapters in California, Arizona, and Los Angeles.


Members of the Majestics car club are members of a car club that consists of people who like classic cars. Their cars have plaques in their rear windows stating that they belong to the club. These cars are mostly from the 1950s and 60s. There are a number of chapters throughout the country, and they can be found in cities such as Los Angeles, Detroit, Phoenix, and Compton.

The Majestics car club was started by five high school students in the fall of 1962. Initially, the club was called the Majestics Rod and Custom Club. These guys were able to start the car club because there was no other car club in the city of Regina at the time.

Toy drive

The Majestics Car Club held their Fifth Annual Toy Drive at Williams School in Oxnard, CA. The event was well attended and the car club received great support. There were raffles, 50/50, and music provided by DJ Mike the Cholo to raise money and distribute toys to needy children.

There were about 40 members at the event and over 50 cars were donated. The cars spanned the age range from early twenties to early nineties. The Majestics car club was very active and organized events and fundraisers for other car clubs and other nonprofit organizations.

No gang / no violence policy

The Majestics are an exclusive car club. Their membership policy includes no gang activity and no violence. Its members wear plaques in their rear windows indicating their membership status. There are currently 25 members, with meetings held every Saturday. During the initial membership process, members must attend eight meetings in a row.

The club’s founding president, Marty Smith, helped start two chapters in San Diego and Delano in 1990. The first president of the San Diego chapter was Armando Franco, and the club began with only 12 members. However, the San Diego chapter was a joint effort of the city’s Nights C.C., which already had a presence in California, Arizona, and other states.

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