M2 Chase Cars

M2 Chase Cars

The M2 chase cars were limited edition models of the M2 that came in gold and black trim. Only about 1,800 were produced worldwide. Of those, between 150 and 180 units were made of each color. The cars were a popular option for collectors. But are they worth purchasing? Find out in this article.


Variants of M2 chase cars are rare and collectible die-cast cars that feature dazzling detail and unique bumpers and wheels. The cars are limited to only 500 worldwide production numbers. These collectible cars are highly sought-after by collectors. Some have even exhibited gold and yellow paint.

Collectors may collect these cars for nostalgia, fondness, or monetary value. Each major Brand produces its own specific variations.


M2 chase cars are a series of limited edition chase cars made by M2 Machines. They are available in various paint schemes, from raw to gold. These chase cars are produced in limited numbers, with each one limited to 500 worldwide. Hot Wheel refers to them as Treasure Hunts, and there are even Super Treasure Hunts that are much rarer than the regular versions.

Release date

The Release Date of M2 chase cars depends on the year the car was released. M2 Machines has released thirteen different releases in the Auto-Drivers series. These cars are highly collectible due to their intricate detail, unique wheels and bumpers, and very limited world production numbers. There are also some variants of these cars with different paint schemes.

The Chase Release Finds are limited to two to five percent of the production of a model, and feature special color wheels and tires, as well as a special chassis, interior, and body.


The M2 chase cars come in a variety of colors. M2 Machines has produced yellow-painted cars and ones with gold-plated additions. They are also available in raw forms. The company produces only 500 of each model worldwide. M2 Machines also creates a few super-rare versions known as Super Treasure Hunts.

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