Lsu Frat Boy Fight

LSU Frat Boy Fight

Like me, freshman year of college marked my first time truly living on my own without parental oversight or responsibility – with no parents to answer to and complete freedom to choose what I did with my life. Unfortunately, that freedom also meant plenty of drinking and frat boy fights; in fact, if your school had a Greek system it’s likely you witnessed plenty of fights between houses that didn’t always end well.

Last weekend, LSU’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity was suspended following an investigation of allegations of hazing. USA TODAY obtained a letter from the university which indicates the Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter had been found “responsible” for various incidents related to “Hell Week,” in which pledges were forced into servitude such as cleaning homes or washing cars in exchange for membership initiation fees; one member is even accused of kidnapping and assaulting one pledge.

One alleged incident that has gained local and national media coverage is a fight between two students at a tailgate prior to LSU Tigers versus Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks game on Saturday, which was documented on video by student newspaper Daily Reveille. YouTube removed it based on their policy against content that bullies or threatens.

Caden Cutinella and William Millsaps, both 19-year-old LSU freshmen, were identified in the video as Caden Cutinella and William Millsaps respectively. Police claim they unlawfully entered Alpha Tau Omega house without permission and stole a composite frame containing photos of all active members from its display case display case. According to police reports, Cutinella took the lead role in perpetrating this burglary with Millsaps acting as his accessory by helping carry away stolen composite from house; both were charged with simple burglary of an inhabited dwelling and booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison for further prosecution.

Such behavior is nothing new to campus communities and has led to serious trouble before, with LSU assistant director of fraternity life Donald Abels accused of creating fake Facebook profiles for prospective frat boys to recruit them – which eventually landed him a director position at Sewanee: University of the South in Tennessee.

However, nothing could compare to what happened in 2017 when 18-year-old Maxwell Gruver died after an alleged series of hazing rituals at Beta Theta Pi fraternity at his school. Four individuals have been indicted in his death and its Frat has since been banned until 2033. Additionally, critics have also accused the university of failing to respond effectively to reports of underage drinking at Reggie’s Bar located on campus; following Gruver’s death it has pledged to review this matter in detail this summer.

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