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Love, Victor (DVD) Ends With a Heartfelt Finale

Victor Salazar (Michael Cimino), along with his family, transfers to Creekwood High where they form relationships with a group of closeted gay teens led by Benji (Anthony Keyvan). At first adversarial when initially disagreeing over a prank, their friendship eventually blossoms further as Benji makes his sexuality publicly known at Winter Carnival and Victor decides it’s finally time to come out despite difficulty with telling both his mother and others of this fact.

Benji and Victor also struggle with coming out; Mia (Rachel Hilson) agrees to do long-distance with Andrew, Lake (Bebe Wood) persuades Lucy (Isabela Ferreira), Lake convinces Armando (George Sear), that Pilar (Isabella Ferreira) has begun dating one of Armando’s former flames while Benji focused on alcohol addiction while Victor became more secure within their relationship. Meanwhile, Benji and Victor reconcile after an entire season apart which allowed Benji to focus on his alcohol addiction while Victor became more secure within their relationship and vice versa.

At every point in this season, show writers and producers have addressed how society must adapt in order to accept gay acceptance; including religious and ethnic discrimination that affects the L.G.B.T.Q community. For instance, Father Lawrence warns Victor that being gay will send him straight to hell; Isabel then fights back by leaving the church, while Armando finds comfort from visiting a gay bar where he realizes he may be attracted to men but does not yet feel brave enough to express it to anyone else.

At the heartfelt series finale of Victor and Benji: Ferris Wheel Romance, Benji professes his love to Victor on top of the same Ferris wheel where they first met – it’s an emotional scene that perfectly caps off a show that tackled important topics such as alcoholism and sexuality in an accepting and safe manner.

Love, Victor may be ending but fans still have something exciting ahead of them: its second season will debut this June on both STAR in the UK and Hulu in the US with episodes starting airing weekly from 18th June.

For more on this show, be sure to watch our interview with executive producers Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker of Love Simon (also the writing team behind last year’s hit film Love Simon), on why they opted for Disney+ streaming of season three after all these years – you can view episode here. Entertainment Weekly was first to report this news of post Love Victor prominent organization; subscribe today and receive breaking TV news, first looks, recaps reviews plus much more for FREE.

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