Love During Lockup Casting Call 2022

Love After Lockup Casting Call 2022

Relationships can be complicated enough without one partner being locked up for years at a time; that is the premise behind WE tv’s Love After Lockup and Love During Lockup series on WE tv, which follows couples trying to keep their relationships strong while one partner is behind bars. In Season 3, four new couples join returning favorites as WE tv explores “deeper love, bigger doubts, mystery firsts and much more”.

If you are interested in applying to Love During Lockup, visit their website and submit an application. Along with providing your contact info and relationship details, details regarding your inmate partner’s Department of Correction number and start date will also be needed for submission. Once completed, our casting team will review it and reach out if we feel your story would make an ideal addition to Love During Lockup.

The producers of the show are searching for individuals from diverse backgrounds, such as LGBT and interfaith couples. They need individuals willing to open their home up for video visits and snail mail correspondence between incarcerated partners and their prospective hosts; additionally they’d like couples who’ll remain living together when one partner leaves prison.

Love During Lockup can be seen on Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET on WE tv or streamed via fuboTV, Philo or DirecTV Stream. Each season brings drama and surprises so be sure to tune in each Friday for what comes next!

Jessica suffers an emotional breakdown when she discovers that Dustin, her former flame and now prison inmate, faces additional charges while behind bars. To be with him she would leave Florida where her daughter is being raised with her father – however neither his mother or sister approve of their relationship.

Emily met Dauri through an online pen pal ad while pursuing a master’s degree in criminal justice. Although initially skeptical of his past, Emily quickly fell for him and is willing to overlook any scams or cheating as long as it brings the promise of a large engagement ring. But when his scams turn violent and murder occurs, Emily must decide if she can trust Dauri any longer.

Before, on the show, Emily was a high school teacher who connected with an old flame named Louie through an online prison pen pal service. Though her family disapproved, Emily became deeply attached to him and moved to Georgia so they could spend time together; but after his transfer to another facility she fears they won’t ever see each other again.

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