Little Audrey Cookie Jar

Little Audrey Cookie Jar

Cookie jars are an old classic and they can be a lot of fun to collect. You can find a range of different jars that have different designs and styles and they all look cool!

Some of these jars have even been found to be worth quite a bit of money. The best example of this is a Little Audrey Cookie Jar that recently sold for $3,400.

It’s no secret that Disney has a very good reputation when it comes to making high quality cartoons and the little audrey series is no exception. Her cartoons are very cute, and her characters are adorable.

She’s a mischievous, wacky character who has her share of naughty moments and a few nice ones. She also has a great knack for keeping her sweet side in check, and her cartoons are genuinely enjoyable no matter what their theme.

The little audrey cookie jar is one of the most popular examples of the jar trend and she’s featured in a number of ad campaigns for various brands, including Coca Cola and Pepsi. Her ad was especially effective because it used her to illustrate the benefits of healthy eating and exercise.

Her first appearance in a movie was the 1964 Disney film The Bluest Eye, which features her as a young actress. She had a very memorable role in this movie, and she’s been featured in many other films since then.

She also has a comic book called Little Audrey Comics which is a very impressive 32 page storybook featuring her in various escapades. It’s certainly the most expensive of her comics titles and it definitely has a lot to offer.

There are a variety of other cool items that can be a lot of fun to own and even a few of them are worth a fair amount of money! The best thing about these items is that they aren’t as rare as you might think. They can still be found in thrift shops, garage sales and flea markets.

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