Lil Reese Car Go Fund Me

Tekashi69 Wants to Help Lil Reese Buy a Car

Lil Reese is in need of a car, but he needs a little help. After being shot in a carjacking attempt, the rap star was left without a means to get around. Fortunately, Tekashi69 has stepped up to the plate with a GoFundMe to help him buy a car.

Tekashi69 started a GoFundMe to help Lil Reese buy a car

Tekashi69 is doing his best to raise money for Lil Reese, who was shot during a carjacking in Chicago last night. Reese, who was one of three men shot, was grazed in the eye and was left with a gun wound. Video of the incident shows him bleeding from his wound.

Tekashi69 is not denying that the tragedy was serious, but he is making an effort to put things in perspective. In a series of Instagram stories, he poked fun at the situation by revealing that he had started a GoFundMe to raise money for Lil Reese to buy a new car. The rapper’s goal was $2,000.

The two rappers have a history of beef and had recently shared a photo on Instagram Live where they spat. They have also been teasing each other on the internet, and the rapper has even compared his rival to a criminal.

Lil Reese was shot during an alleged carjacking attempt

Rapper Lil Reese was shot in the neck while being chased by a masked gang in late January. Fortunately, he survived the incident. Chicago police said no one is in custody at this time. Reese has denied any involvement in the alleged carjacking attempt.

While there are many details surrounding the shooting, it remains unclear who was at fault. The father of Lil Reese is said to have confronted the car’s occupants when another person opened fire. The shooter and the occupants of the car then exchanged gunfire. During the shootout, three men were shot. The stolen Dodge Durango had bullet holes and was recovered by police.

The video was filmed from a building nearby. During the chase, witnesses said they heard at least a dozen gunshots. The thief’s vehicle was found empty and covered in blood, but Lil Reese was caught in the crossfire. According to TMZ, Lil Reese was shot in the eye during the alleged carjacking attempt. While Lil Reese was not killed, he would likely have died had it not been for the presence of police.

6ix9ine trolls Lil Reese

After Lil Reese was shot in a Chicago parking lot yesterday, 6ix9ine took to social media to troll the rapper. He posted a comment on several social media blogs and posted an Instagram story. He then went on to share a GoFundMe page for Lil Reese’s car, which has since been taken down.

While Tekashi has been relatively calm on the internet, there are plenty of issues behind the scenes that the Chicago native has to deal with. In addition to dealing with multiple lawsuits, 6ix9ine also has a feud with Lil Reese. According to his friend, the rapper has been “too internet” and “too disrespectful” online.

The feud between Tekashi 6ix9ine and Lil Reese is a longstanding one. The two have sparred on Instagram, and in a recent confrontation, Reese even exchanged gunfire with 6ix9ine. In the resulting shooting, 3 people were killed, one of them was Reese.

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