Lightning Mcqueen Toys Cars 2

Lightning McQueen Toys Cars 2

For fans of the movie Cars, there are new toys that feature Lightning McQueen. They have push & go action, a fiery exhaust, and a burnout number 95. They’re perfect for young kids looking for the perfect way to play with their favorite car.


For the fans of the fast-paced animated film series, the newest addition to Mattel Lightning McQueen toys cars 2 is a five-pack exclusive to ToysRus. This set includes Lightning McQueen, Tamiko, Finn McMissile, Grem, and Max Schnell. Also included is a set of 1:55 scale Mattel diecasts. Other features include Okuni & Shigeko, two micro car Kabuki dancers. They are also part of the welcome party of the World Grand Prix.

The Cars 2 five-pack set is a great way to celebrate the second Cars movie. This set features five character cars that come with storytelling pieces. Each of the vehicles has a unique design and is inspired by a different car in the film. For instance, the Lightning McQueen car is painted like a Chevrolet Corvette C1 in the later film. It is also the best friend of Mater, the tow truck.

Disney Pixar

If you’re a fan of the Disney Pixar films, you’ll love this Lightning McQueen toy car. This classic animated car is internationally famous for winning the Piston Cup race four times. It’s inspired by real racing cars and has many design influences, including those of the Dodge Viper and Mazda Miata. It’s also painted like a Chevrolet Corvette C1, especially in the late films. Lightning McQueen is best friends with Mater, his tow truck. He enjoys the thrill of great races and quiet cruises with his best pals.

The vehicle also features push-and-go action, a fire-breathing exhaust, and a burnout by number 95. The set comes in a ToysRus exclusive 5-pack.

Cars 2

Xiaofexiang Toys has produced a bootleg Lightning McQueen from the car movie Cars 2. The toy car has yellow arms and a cowboy hat and is designed to look like Lightning McQueen from the movie. It features bump and go action and lights up. When you turn it on, it plays the song “Ivan Polkka.” It also makes various car sounds.

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