Light Of Friendship Printable

The Light of Friendship Printable

The Light of Friendship printable is an effective way to express your thanks for their friendship. Simply print them out and use them to decorate a gift or card for someone, or print on sticker paper and adhere it directly onto a mason jar or similar container with an attached tag reading: “Thanks for Always Being a Light!”

These printables can help facilitate any lesson on friendship or simply as an introduction to what makes a good one. Light bulbs come in various sizes and colors for printing out, then children work in pairs or small groups to fill each with adjectives that describe good friends before decorating their bulbs with colorful markers to serve as visual reminders of qualities associated with good relationships.

Teamwork activities designed to explore the qualities of an ideal friend are an effective way to foster social skills and foster conflict resolution skills in students of all ages and sizes. A fun activity suitable for all age ranges and sizes is having everyone stand in a circle and toss a ball to someone within it; when caught, that person should call out an adjective that describes their characteristics as good friends.

Your children will have fun drawing a flower with large petals and writing qualities of good friends on each petal. Once their masterpieces are complete, they can color them and hang them up as a reminder of their friendships.

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