Levi’s San Francisco Jacket

Levi’s San Francisco Jacket Review

Levi’s San Francisco jackets make an excellent addition to anyone’s wardrobe, thanks to years of durability. Their selection includes many different items that have received excellent reviews across multiple sites – so if you’re in the market for new leather jackets, consider checking this brand out!

Levi’s Commuter Trucker jacket with Jacquard by Google made its debut in September and initially looks similar to any regular denim jacket, with an exception cuff that features conductive threads woven in and an area for snapping on a Bluetooth tag that works with your phone. However, its magic lies within that special cuff; that is where over-the-air updates for new features will reside so the jacket becomes smarter over time.

Your wrist cuff is also where you’ll access the “hush” functionality, which will muffle notifications on your phone when your hand passes over it. Plus, its multifunctionality means you can use it to scroll through social media feeds or play music streaming services!

But not all the hush functionality is currently activated; it will take time before everything is up and running smoothly. Levi’s offers their jacket for $350 online; which may seem steep when compared with similar wearable devices with similar capabilities.

The company’s website is easily navigable, featuring a search bar that categorizes men, women and clearance products. If you can’t locate what you need there, checking Amazon or another department store could open up additional possibilities. This company, headquartered in San Francisco, California and operating 2,800 company-operated stores globally, specializes in jeans, jackets, T-shirts and more – as well as outstanding customer service that customers have highly reviewed. Customers can reach out to the company for help via email, phone call, chat session and special discount for those working in medical fields or serving military. Its durability has made them one of the premier clothing providers on the market offering clothing options that ensure comfort year-round.

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