Lesdomakeup Net Worth 2022

Les Do Makeup Net Worth 2022

If you are looking for Les Do Makeup net worth, you have come to the right place. She is a YouTube personality and a social media influencer. Her net worth is estimated according to various factors such as age, height, dating and relationship history, salary, and the type of lifestyle she enjoys. She is engaged to Vlex Galindo and lives in a three-story house in the US.

Les Do Makeup is a social media influencer

Les Do Makeup is an American social media influencer with a huge fan base. The social media star has over 1.8 million followers on Instagram, 1.19 million YouTube subscribers, and 1.2 million followers on her Tik Tok account. In addition, Les Do Makeup has 470.5k followers on her Twitter handle. Her real name is Leslie Quezada, and she was born in El Paso, Texas.

Les Do Makeup started her career as a model, but her true passion is makeup and beauty. Her videos focus on beauty and makeup regimes. She also posts daily lifestyle videos. She has been active on social media since 2016 and has already gained a large following. Her videos are mostly beauty and lifestyle related, and she also posts pictures of her boyfriend and son.

Les Do Makeup is a social media star who began uploading make-up videos in April 2016. Her videos have gained a huge following on Instagram, and she’s also started uploading videos on the lifestyle side of things. She also works with Rihanna on her fashion line Savage X Fenty.

She has a YouTube channel

Les Do Makeup’s YouTube channel aims to share her expertise with other women through video tutorials. The talented YouTuber is also very active, with four or five training sessions at the gym each week. She is also a fashionista, going shopping for clothes at least twice a week. She aspires to pursue a master’s degree in the future.

Les Do Makeup launched her YouTube channel in April 2012 and has since posted a variety of content. Her most popular video is titled “MAKING LAURA’S BABY SHOWER CAKE!” The YouTube channel boasts over one million subscribers. The YouTube star also has a very active Instagram account, which has over 1.7 million followers. In addition to makeup videos, Les Do Makeup also uploads prank videos and travel vlogs.

Les Do Makeup’s love life is very public, with her fiance Vlex Galindo often appearing in her videos and Instagram pictures. Although the couple have not disclosed how they met, it is believed that they met at a house party. In mid-2019, Les Do Makeup announced her pregnancy. She gave birth to a baby boy named Gael Gianni on 16 December 2019.

She is engaged to Vlex Galindo

Les Do Makeup is a makeup artist with 1.5 million followers on Instagram. The couple has been dating for years and even welcomed their first child together in 2019. But until now, they had never been engaged. In February 2022, they announced their engagement on Instagram. The couple’s love story began when Les Do Makeup posted a video of her new home on Instagram. The couple’s newly built home boasts an infinity pool and stunning views of El Paso.

They started dating in late 2016 and are now engaged. The couple also has a son named Gael Gianni, and they live in Texas. Their social media accounts show that they like to travel. Vlex has made most of his money from his online businesses and has created a personal brand.

Vlex Galindo is a content creator and has a net worth of $1.5 million. The couple have two children together – a son named Gael Gianni and a daughter named Kael Kimberli. The couple has not yet revealed how many children they will have.

She has a three-story house in the US

Lesdomakeup has just purchased a three-story house in the US. The house features a spiral staircase at the main entrance, four bedrooms, and a wine cellar. Leslie is a huge fan of cooking and is known to love to entertain. She even calls her fans “baby girls,” and she says she likes spending time with her family.

Social media influencer Les Do Makeup is very comfortable in front of the camera. Her videos are categorized as vlogs, and she can be seen cooking delicious cakes for her followers. She also recently announced that she is pregnant via her Instagram account. She shared a video with her husband and son, and the two were holding ultrasound prints.

Les Do Makeup, 26, is an El Paso native. Her makeup and style have made her a global sensation. The brand’s Baby Girl phrase has helped her gain a worldwide audience. Les Do Makeup and her fiance Alex Galindo have been dating for years and are expecting their first child together.

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