Lawn Care Souderton

Lawn Care Services in Souderton, PA

In case you’re looking for a local lawn care service in Souderton, PA, you’ve come to the right place. There are several local businesses that offer lawn mowing services. These companies include Moyer Lawn Care, J. Lara’s Lawn Maintenance, Matt’s Lawn Service, and the Perseverance Volunteer Fire Co.

Moyer Lawn Care

Founded in 1869, Moyer Indoor and Outdoor has deep roots in the communities it serves and a vision for the future. It has grown from a small feed mill to a multi-faceted company specializing in outdoor lawn care, tree and shrub care, plumbing, heating fuels, and pest control. In addition, the company also offers services for pool and spas and radon protection throughout five counties in Pennsylvania.

When the weather warms up, ants begin to emerge from their winter hibernation and begin to build unsightly mounds in yards and along walkways and driveways. Many of these ants are fire ants, which can sting you if they feel threatened. A professional lawn care company can provide you with customized treatment plans to keep your yard looking its best.

J. Lara’s Lawn Maintenance

If you’re looking for professional lawn maintenance in Suderton, PA, you’ve come to the right place. J. Lara’s Lawn Maintenance offers the best services for Suderton residents. In addition to lawn care and landscape maintenance, they also provide concrete washing and flower bed maintenance.

Matt’s Lawn Care

If you need a Lawn Service in Suderton, PA, contact Matt’s Lawn Care. This local company has been providing Lawn Services in Suderton for many years. Their staff is highly skilled and knowledgeable about Landscaping Services. They have years of experience working in the local area and are highly qualified to provide you with quality services.

Perseverance Volunteer Fire Co.

The Perseverance Volunteer Fire Company is located in Souderton, PA. Its new heavy rescue truck won the award for best-appearing heavy rescue vehicle at the 2011 Pennsylvania State Fire Convention parade. In addition to the new truck, the North Penn Goodwill Service received the award for best-appearing special service. The new vehicle will provide improved response capabilities for the company and will be useful for years to come.

The Perseverance Volunteer Fire Co. was formed in 1992. The company’s main activities include fire prevention education and putting out fires in the local community. The organization is not affiliated with any larger national or regional groups.

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