Lauren Jumps Net Worth

How a High School Sweetheart Made the Leap to Success

Luckily for the good folks of the Central Florida, Lauren had the requisite chutzpah to go with and a good amount of free time on her hands. After a few years of juggling multiple balls, Lauren decided to make the leap to the land of her dreams. Hence, the birth of the aptly named “Lauren” who later became Lauren Boebert. Not only did she become the proud owner of a luxury car and five real estate properties, but she was also lucky enough to get a job as an assistant manager at a local McDonald’s. While the gig was not the most glamorous perk, it certainly was a major boon and one of the highlights of Lauren’s life. Sadly for Lauren, the magic was short lived. After some minor soul searching, she discovered a better way to eke out a living. Now, Lauren is a happy and healthy mom-of-two who is on the path to success. Some of her most notable accomplishments include a best-in-class IQ, an impressive set of credentials, and the aforementioned ol’ fashioned high school sweetheart. Having said that, Lauren has no regrets about her decision to forego the typical four years of a college education in favor of a better life for her family.

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