Lala Anthony Birth Chart

Lala Anthony Birth Chart

Lala anthony birth chart LaLa Anthony welcomed a son with Marc Anthony into her family recently! The happy couple announced his birth with a heartwarming Instagram post on Father’s Day (June 18), featuring Anthony holding the infant and writing in black-and-white, “Our son Gabriel was born June 18 God’s timing is perfect Thank you all for all the love and support!” It wasn’t their first child together either as Marc Anthony has six other offspring from previous relationships including Arianna, Chase, Cristian Ryan Anthony as well as twin Emme and Maximilian!

This natal chart is extremely powerful! Utilizing an accurate date of birth, its midpoints point towards someone who will find great success in life. When combined with Pluto and Jupiter’s powerful conjunction in Pisces, this will undoubtedly bring forth significant change for its star.

Lucky for her, there is plenty of Virgo in this chart to balance all that Leo! However, it is important to keep in mind that Virgo can tend to be perfectionist; therefore when combined with Leo, an abundance of Virgo may cause anxiety about masculinity, especially if its placements conjunct Venus and Mars.

Also included in this chart are two yods – one traditional and another with Chiron as its foot. Yods act like little power spells within birth charts and can be difficult to deal with; however, due to being placed within a sextile aspect they will likely prove less challenging than would otherwise be the case.

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