Lacey Whitlow Net Worth

Lacey Whitlow Net Worth

Lacey Whitlow has been in the spotlight for various reasons, including her felony animal cruelty charge and butt-lift surgery. She has also been linked to a number of high-profile relationships, including those with Shane McCracken and Destinie Johnson. In addition to her acting career, Whitlow has also been involved with a variety of other projects, including a commercial for Diet Coke. She was also featured in the music video for Winger’s song “Hungry,” and was engaged to actor/producer Jason Loughridge.

Lacey whitlow’s felony charge for animal cruelty

The felony charge that Lacey Whitlow received is one that the reality TV star has already fought with her husband, Shane Whitlow. According to court documents, he assaulted a member of his family. However, he did not specify which member of his family he assaulted, so fans are guessing that it was Lacey. Her followers have reacted to the news by attacking Whitlow on Instagram.

After the incident, Lacey and Shane broke up, but Lacey was the one who made the breakup. Shane was suffering from a mental illness and was off his medication when the dog attack happened, so she forced him out of the house. After the incident, Shane was taken to Virginia Beach for treatment. Shane later revealed that he assaulted another member of his family before the report surfaced. This time, Lacey did not want the media to know about it, so she turned off comments. The fans responded, however, and questioned why Shane Whitlow was in such a state of mind.

Lacey Whitlow’s felony animal cruelty charge is a serious setback for the reality TV star. Although the show is messy, the alleged abuser isn’t the only one who has to pay. The alleged abuser broke the door and left bruises all over Lacey’s body. If he was responsible for the marks, Shane Whitlow could face serious trouble. Moreover, he has a criminal record and is reportedly in jail.

Her relationship with Shane

The latest developments in Lacey Whitlow’s relationship with her ex-husband Shane have caused some speculations. Since the season 4 filming ended, the couple have been separated. Recently, Shane has posted messages about his daughter, which Lacey has not been sharing publicly. She also began communicating with John after Shane’s lie detector test.

Shane has also been questioned regarding his alcohol consumption, which has been an issue in their relationship. In addition to that, he has received a felony charge for animal cruelty. He was accused of hurting an animal and a member of his family within two months of their relationship.

The recent developments between Lacey and Shane have caused questions about her relationship with the actor. After all, she was pregnant with their daughter, Summer Rayne, and she had a previous relationship with John Slater. It was also revealed that Lacey pushed Shane aside in favor of John. In the aftermath of the saga, Shane’s response has left Lacey wondering if he’s done with her.

Her butt-lift surgery

Lacey Whitlow’s net worth is estimated at $750 thousand dollars. The model is 5 feet 6 inches tall and has had many surgeries including a butt-lift. She is a former reality star and has also worked as a closet designer under the name Poshmark. Lacey has also participated in the Love After the Lockup reality show where she reunited with her high school sweetheart, John. The actor had proposed to Lacey before he was jailed.

Lacey Whitlow is a Virgo and is of Italian descent. Before starring on Love After Lockup, she was known as Kaci Kash. However, she started using her married name once she was married. She does not mention her maiden name in the show.

While Lacey’s new look has sparked a lot of discussion, she is also promoting her new image. She is happy with the way she looks and is proud of her new body. She has a message for men who think they cannot date attractive women. Her marriage to Shane Whitlow in July is the most recent milestone in her life. Although the couple are currently in a relationship, Lacey is a former model who is pursuing a career in sexy posing.

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