Kylie B Burn Victim

A Burn Victim Shares Her Inspirational Journey

Kylie, 18 and from Paris, Texas is an inspirational journey of a burn victim who shares their journey to assist other burn victims. Kylie studies counseling and plans on eventually becoming one herself. On a cold and wet October day in 2019, Kylie traveled 30 miles from Oklahoma home to Spencerville home of grandmother Jan Beane – enjoying every step until an accident at the peak of a hill changed everything for her life – her car being hit by truck and caught fire as it flew downhill towards Jan Beane. Kylie’s life changed irreparably when her car collided with another vehicle before collapsing completely into flames engulping in flames itself engulfed in its flames.

She had to be pulled out from the burning wreckage and treated for third-degree burns that covered 75% of her body, requiring 19 surgeries in total for recovery and requiring her to relearn how to walk, talk, eat and write.

Kylie Manning (a longtime resident of McCurtain County and daughter of retired Highway Patrol Gordon Manning), unfortunately has a job that keeps her away from the hospital, as does her mother Alicia Manning. With no medical insurance to speak of Kylie is dependent on donations made via Go Fund Me page as well as accounts opened with First State Bank of Valliant Oklahoma to cover her care needs.

In the hospital, she meets country singer Rachel Walker. Like herself, Rachel Walker had to leave her family after she was involved in a three-car collision that killed both her husband and 16-year-old daughter.

Kylie seizes upon an opportunity to force Dylan out of the wreckage; but, upon trying, hesitates too long and ends up pulling too hard, leading him to his death from suffocation.

At the hospital, she is told that if she discloses what has happened to her family, she could lose them all. If she fails to do her part to break The Chain and save both herself and her loved ones, The Chain may take them from her forever. Unfortunately, appealing to their decency or humanity is useless; if she tries running to the police they will kill her immediately.

Kylie knows she must act quickly to save her family. Reacting instinctively, Kylie slips out through the cracked driver’s door glass onto the ground and puts out flames by licking them out – thus escaping from the car and into safety. After being taken to hospital she was found in a coma; suffering spinal injuries, fractured ribs, collapsed lung as well as 40% “deep dermal burns on her body. Doctors estimate she faces a long road to recovery ahead of her and it remains uncertain if this will ever happen or not.

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