Kronos Putter Net Worth

Kronos Putter Net Worth

The Kronos putter is a popular golf accessory that is well balanced and produces a clear sound. The company’s revenue has primarily come from the Japanese market, and in 2014 it earned 260 thousand dollars. The company’s founders, Philip Lapuz and Eric Williams, first presented their business proposal to the Shark Tank in 2014. Sharks were impressed with their idea, and offered them a $150,000 investment in exchange for a 15 percent stake in the business.

Phillip Lapuz is the owner of Kronos Golf

Phillip Lapuz is the owner of Kronose Golf, a company that manufactures putters for golfers. The company produces putters with a wide range of features. They make several models, including the D’Arcy, Anchor, Kampe, Metronome, and Mandala. The company sells its putters to companies like Asahi Golf, Nike, and Taylormade, among others.

Kronos Golf is a company that creates balanced putters that are controlled by computer numeric technology. The company was featured on the sixth season of Shark Tank. The company was backed by Robert Herjavec and is currently valued at $5 million. Lapuz grew up in Carlsbad, California, and studied economics in Japan before working at a consulting firm.

Before founding Kronos Golf, Lapuz was a graduate student and member of the Japan golf team. He had an idea for a putter company when he visited San Diego for his best friend’s wedding. Upon reaching San Diego, he began putting his plan into action. He approached Robert Herjavec and requested a $150,000 investment in exchange for 15% of the company. Four sharks passed on the deal, but Herjavec saw potential in Lapuz and decided to invest in his idea.

His company is valued at $5 million

The founders of Kronos Putter, Eric Williams and Phillip Lapuz, worked for several golf equipment companies before launching their own company in 2010. The two friends wanted to create a putter with unmatched precision, and so they made it by hand. In their first year, they made $260,000 in sales. They also developed a marketing strategy based on partnerships with television and sports channels.

The company is preparing to enter the U.S. market, but initially, it is focusing on the Japanese market. Their putters are handcrafted using the finest materials and assembled by the most skilled craftsmen. In fact, they are said to be the best putters on the market in 2022.

As of the time of this writing, Kronos Putter sells seven premium putter models. Some of its putters are sold through Nike, Adidas, and Callaway, and the company has plans to enter the US market in the future. The company has yet to announce recent revenue figures, but estimates suggest that sales are around $2-3 million a year.

His fiancee is not able to come to the US

The reason Kronos Putter’s fiancee can’t come to the US is unclear. It could be a variety of reasons. First, her parents don’t approve of her decision to leave her job to start his own business. Second, his business plan was to use the money to bring his fiancee to the US, but her parents are against the idea.

Phillip Lapuz, the CEO of Kronos Putter, is not able to come to the US to meet his fiancee. She is still living in Japan. Since her parents don’t approve of her dream, Phillip can’t come to the US, so his fiancee has to wait.

The Kronos Putter is a high-end golf product. The company is currently focusing on the Japanese market. It has no intention of mass-producing its putters. Instead, it uses computer numeric control to create every single putter. The company’s craftsmen then hand-polish each putter. The resulting putter is unique in the world of putters.

His relationship with a woman on Shark Tank

A woman who appeared on Shark Tank recently revealed that she’s dating the inventor of the Kronos Putter. The company, which makes a computer numeric-controlled putter, was featured on the popular television show six years ago. The company is still going strong and makes about $5 million per year. Recently, they have introduced new products to their line. One of them is a putter designed for left-handed golfers.

When Lapuz first came to Shark Tank, she explained that she had given up her lucrative job as a consultant in order to launch the company. She wanted to make enough money to emigrate to the United States and marry her fiancee, but her parents did not approve of her decision. The business needed investors to prove it could succeed.

The Kronos Putter story moved O’Leary, and the team offered a deal for $150,000, a thirty-percent stake. The company is still in business seven years later. A recent press release teased that the company is working with a Japanese fabric manufacturer to develop new materials. These putters are a step up from typical putters.

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