Knoxville Lost And Found Pets

Knoxville Lost and Found Pets

Most families with pets will eventually experience the trauma of losing or misplacing one or more pets, which can be distressing for all family members involved. Parents especially must remain calm and devise a plan. Everyone in your household should pitch in, not only to increase chances of finding your lost animal but also reduce overcrowded shelter euthanization numbers.

Though it can be tempting to hold out hope that a pet might turn up soon after going missing, studies show that most lost pets are within two miles of where they went missing. If this proves unsuccessful for you and your children, allow enough time not only for searching but also mourning their absence; some lost animals have even been known to turn up months later!

Young-Williams Animal Center keeps an extensive lost and found log to track any stray animals brought in, which helps reunite many with their owners. We suggest checking this log daily if your pet goes missing.

Pet identification collars and microchips with up-to-date registration details greatly increase your chance of reuniting your lost or stolen pet, which you can purchase either at Young-Williams or online.

Post flyers at local veterinarian offices, pet related stores and social media websites like Facebook, NextDoor, Pawboost or Craigslist. Furthermore, contact the Young-Williams Animal Center or Humane Society of Tennessee Valley as they can offer tips for reuniting your pet with its owner. Typically found animals will be held for 3-10 days before going up for adoption unless their owner claims them; in such a case fees will apply in order to retrieve your animal from shelters.

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