Kkw Ride Or Die

KKW Ride Or Die Relaunches on Social Media

Ride or die was a popular fragrance amongst the millennial set. Its longevity and impressive scent wearability make it a worthy contender for the coveted perfumier slot. But it hasn’t been all good since the company that created it went belly up this summer. What were the company’s best days? With that said, a newbie in the biz has stepped up to the plate, and it’s a good thing for all involved. Especially for the execs on the prowl. So what was it that they chose to flaunt on social media? Well, it’s probably a matter of showcasing a few winners while at the same time maintaining the high level of customer satisfaction. Those are the hallmarks of a successful start up.

The company also remarked on their social media posts that they would be releasing a new scent or two to complement their aforementioned offering. Those rumored to be a couple of gimmicks will be left to one’s imagination, but if you’re looking for a new signature fragrance, then a visit to the nearest KKW store is in order.

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