Kendall Jenner Ziploc Bag

Kendall Jenner and Her Ziploc Bag

A recent photo of Kendall Jenner on her golf cart has caused quite the stir. In addition to being a socialite, the blonde babe is also a model. She was the star of a major Calvin Klein campaign. Recently, she and her younger sister Kim Kardashian attended Coachella in style. Their outfits included a two-piece co-ord and a crop top and trousers combo. The gold chain around their necks may have been the star of the show, though, as their matching outfits showed it off in all its glory.

Obviously, no one could ignore the fact that the latest Kardashian tinseltown sighting involved Kendall and her boo. Kim also tagged along on the trip, posing with Revolve Chief Brand Officer Raissa Gerona and the aforementioned hoop. It is safe to say that the threesome enjoyed the fruits of their labors. But who was crowned the winner?

For many, it was an eerie scene. What’s more, the image was accompanied by an incoherent video that, to be honest, is better left unwatched. However, the picture did have its fans. One Twitter user shared the photo in question with over 12,000 followers, and others screenshotted the picture and sent it to their friends.

Despite the controversy that erupted, it appears that the Kardashians have managed to avoid further embarrassment. Apparently, the plastic baggie has no business being a drug delivery device. Nonetheless, it remains a mystery why the infamous baggie even made an appearance on a social networking site known for its unfiltered nature.

Whether or not the baggie was a fake is anyone’s guess, but the picture does highlight a few other things. It is not uncommon for famous figures to have access to large amounts of cocaine. Similarly, the bag was likely not a flimsy disposable, but a more durable and expensive option.

Of course, no one should forget that a ziploc bag has a lot of uses. Not only is it a great storage container for a variety of goods and items, it is also handy for keeping valuables like keys and credit cards in.

Regardless, Kendall’s latest faux pas has sparked much controversy. While the baggie is most certainly a novelty, its appearance is the least of her troubles. So, perhaps it’s time to give it the old heave ho and fess up before the cops come calling.

If this fumble is the tip of the iceberg, we might not be surprised if the latest Kardashian sibling makes a comeback. Having said that, the image is not a surefire way to get back on the map. Hopefully, Kendall and her younger sibling will be able to put this unfortunate incident behind them for good. After all, no one knows who to blame if it happens to be them. Likewise, it’s not impossible for a reputable company to reclaim their ill-advised prize. As such, it is best to tread carefully when it comes to small plastic bags.

Although the picture has been deleted, a screen grab of the aforementioned sexiest snoop has already popped up online. Nonetheless, it’s best to be wary of anything that looks like a dime.

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