Kathy Lee Gifford Playboy

Kathie Lee Gifford Playboy

Kathie Lee Gifford is one of the busiest women on television today; she hosts the fourth hour of Today with Hoda Kotb and serves as an NBC News correspondent, in addition to working on various movies. Recently, at age 67 she revealed she’s ready to find love again five years after mourning the death of Frank Gifford (another sportscaster).

She admits to dating an unknown man and enjoying nights out in Nashville with him – though she prefers keeping their relationship private at this time.

Kathie Lee Gifford Playboy has discussed her personal life extensively in conversation with Regis Philbin for decades, yet one subject remains taboo: her romantic relationship with former President Bill Clinton. Despite being close and having been photographed together multiple times, Kathie Lee remains silent about their romance.

Gifford recently shared her intimate encounter with Bill Cosby in an interview with PEOPLE for this week’s issue, where she details their time working together during his stand-up performer days.

“He was my good friend and we worked together for about two years,” says she. “I had lots of fun.” However, when it came to intimacy between the pair she says 79-year-old actor crossed a line – “he got out of control one night” taking her into his bedroom without permission before leaving without warning – “this was very inappropriate behavior on his part”.

Gifford’s popularity as both a football star and sportscaster extended his fame long after his playing days were done; he earned endorsements from shaving cream manufacturers to hair tonic suppliers, sports apparel vendors and movie studios, including That’s My Boy and The All American.

Gifford was an iconic CBS sportscaster and an admired interviewer, known for landing some notable interviews such as his memorable one with Mickey Mantle prior to Superbowl I in January 1967. Over time he would appear with other NFL stars including Alex Karas, Fran Tarkenton and Joe Namath before finally appearing with Dan Dierdorf and Al Michaels on Monday Night Football in the 1980s.

In 1976, Gifford released his book Gifford on Courage: Ten Unforgettable True Stories of Heroism in Modern Sports featuring profiles of athletes such as Herb Score, Rocky Bleier and Floyd Layne. Since then, he had written multiple additional books, TV specials and sports-related projects.

Gifford appears in a pair of Jantzen swimwear and beachwear designed for men and women in this ad featuring multiple athletes such as Paul Hornung, Bob Cousy and Ken Venturi. Gifford also appeared in another 1962 commercial alongside several of his football teammates as well as pro golfer Gene Sarazen and baseball player Herb Score.

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